I don’t know about y’all, but the past year has been a life rollercoaster like

Flowers In Joy and Sadness

  Did you know this Saturday is Earth Day? They say “Earth Day everyday,” which

Celebrate Earth Day with a Tree Ceremony

Hello everyone! We’re back from blog-cation and headed down an exciting new trail! Lots of

Join Me on the Trail Less Traveled

What’s a blog-cation suitcase anyway? (Feel free to substitute blog-cation with vacation or stay-cation!) It’s your

What’s in a Blog-cation Suitcase? 5 Ideas & Printable!

If you ever start to feel overwhelmed, try going outside, looking up, and breathing deeply.

Seed Swap: Look Up

But I thought we had 5 senses? Sight, Smell, Touch, Taste, and Hearing? No?Not according

53 Senses?!!?

I’m a chatty person for sure, but I’m not one to wrangle people into things.

Stop and Draw the Roses

Happy Wonder Wednesday #31!! This month I created a printable for you!! As spring rolls

Wonder Wednesday # 31: Seven Day Sketch

It’s Official!!!  My Draw Yourself Back to Nature eCourse will be starting May 4!!! I am

Draw Yourself Back to Nature is Official!

In 3 days, March 20, is the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere!!!

My Favorite Spring Gizmos

How much of what you see each day do you really notice? It’s tough with

Seed Swap: Notice What You See

Happy New Year!! I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday season, however and whatever you chose

New Year, Classic Perspectives

You know that on my travels and adventures, I love to find little bits of

Little Nature in the City’s Heart

Today is the day!!! The Wings, Worms, and Wonder Nature Journal Prompt Cards have officially launched!!

The Nature Journal Prompt Cards Have Launched!!!

Which of nature’s secret wonders make your eyes glitter? Share with us in the comments

Seed Swap: What Makes Your Eyes Glitter?