I don’t know about y’all, but the past year has been a life rollercoaster like

Flowers In Joy and Sadness

  Hello Everyone! It’s been a month and I’m back from blog-cation all refreshed and

Back from Blog-cation Book List!

  Did you know this Saturday is Earth Day? They say “Earth Day everyday,” which

Celebrate Earth Day with a Tree Ceremony

Hello everyone! We’re back from blog-cation and headed down an exciting new trail! Lots of

Join Me on the Trail Less Traveled

What’s a blog-cation suitcase anyway? (Feel free to substitute blog-cation with vacation or stay-cation!) It’s your

What’s in a Blog-cation Suitcase? 5 Ideas & Printable!

If you ever start to feel overwhelmed, try going outside, looking up, and breathing deeply.

Seed Swap: Look Up

Surprise!!! Today is a vlog!!!! I wanted to tell you, in person, all about my

Herb and Art Inspired Vlog!

The new Herb Studies Workshop: Paint 3 Garden Herbs eCourse opens 9/1/15 – in a

Herb Studies Workshop

WOW and THANK YOU!!! Is all I can say to y'all for the wonderful support and

Summer Blog Hop Winners!

Welcome to Day 5 of the blog hop!!!It's the final day and Registration is open

Bundle Up for Summer Blog Hop: Day 5

Welcome to the blog hop Day 4!!Today is a special treat for all you school

Bundle Up for Summer Blog Hop: Day 4

Welcome to Day 3 of the Blog Hop!!Today we hop over to the Trillium Montessori

Bundle Up for Summer Blog Hop: Day 3!!!

Welcome to Day 2 of the Blog Hop!!I am so glad you joined us and

Bundle Up for Summer Blog Hop: Day 2!!!

Happy almost officially summer!! The solstice is one week away (the 21st) and that means long

Bundle Up This Summer!

I was interviewed by How to Art Journal about my creative process, a life immersed

An Interview & A Surprise!!