Find fun Wings, Worms, and Wonder nature journaling eCourses! Join me as your creative nature connection guide to connect with nature through the arts. In this course bundle, slow down and creatively connect with the natural world right outside your door, while having lots of relaxing fun!

The 3 course bundle in the Wings, Worms, and Wonder online school includes a combo of:

  • The Draw Yourself Back to Nature, Connecting with Color, & Draw Deeper Into Nature courses, are signature courses that teach creative nature connection through nature art journaling & expanding your nature journal practice techniques  & connections
  • color theory, paint mixing, painting, & drawing tutorials,
  • inspirational & practical info & techniques,
  • ideas for creating and deepening your nature journal art practice,
  • unique ways for creatively connecting with nature,
  • interesting fun projects,
  • resources & bonuses for post course nature inspired art adventures,
  • and a supportive online community to share ideas and ask questions.

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