About Kelly Johnson

Bring the benefits of creativity & nature connection into your life!

Here in the world of Wings, Worms, and Wonder, I guide your creative nature connection journey through nature journaling, art-making, creative connections, organic gardening, & the Montessori Method.

I’m Kelly Johnson, your artist, author, and creative garden guide.

My goal is helping connect humans and nature, creatively!

My grandparents taught me how to garden when I was a child, & I’ve been making art as long as I can remember.

So when I became a Montessori teacher 21 years ago, I wanted to provide the same creative nature connection experiences for my students.

After 10 years of gardening and nature journaling in a school setting, I decided to grow my focus to guide wider audiences - and so the world of Wings, Worms, and Wonder was born in 2010!

Along the way, I began calling myself a “creative nature connection guide.”

Much like an adventure guide, I'll help you discover your perfect path to nature inspired artistic success by meeting your needs as gardener, art journaler, teacher, or all 3, in practical and creative processes based ways.

Here on my website, you’re on the right path to spark wonder and creativity! Check out my blog for lots of creative nature connections tips, tricks, ideas, and activities!

Then, explore my Books & eCourses!  

They provide a fun, inspiring, & realistic ways to tap into both your creative side & your green thumb as you journey into nature journaling & gardening! 

And finally, be sure to check out my art to provide you with pops of nature inspiration to adorn your everyday!

Bronwyn Mahieu

- Verified Amazon REview -

“This is a great resource for people wanting to teach kids about different things around the garden. The lessons they provide are comprehensive and can be modified for even the youngest upcoming gardener!"

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