The Nature Journal Prompt Cards for Children!

The Wings, Worms, and Wonder Nature Journal Prompt Cards for Children are being enjoyed by children at home, school, and in the community!

What do you get in a deck?

Intro pamphlet with: How To and Getting Started Info & Tips

2 Title Cards including a journaling tips reminder cards for children

36 Nature Journal Prompt Cards to print, cut, (and laminate if you want)

(+2 blanks to make your own!)

Grab your set today and from the Etsy Shop and start a nature journaling practice with the children in your life! Order Internationally direct from the printer here!

55% of Americans in the United States think gardening should be part of school curricula really says something for the work we are all doing keeping children connected to nature and their food sources through school, community, and backyard gardening! These cards can help children assimilate their nature experiences.

Elementary aged reading children can use the cards independently, while the cards can be used orally with children of all ages.

I hope you love these Nature Journal Prompt Cards as much as I do and have as much fun with them as I did making them and using them with my friends and students! Enjoy and keep connecting!!

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Seeds to Sprout: 

Order your set of Nature Journal Prompt Cards today! Connect with nature through creative garden fun!! Order Internationally direct from the printer here!

 So fun!

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