Wonder Wednesday # 31: Seven Day Sketch

Happy Wonder Wednesday 31!!

This month I created a printable for you!! As spring rolls into full expression, changes happen so quickly that we miss the wonders sprouting right under our noses.

Daily nature sketching is a great way to really notice how quickly seasons “spring” up! (I couldn’t resist, sorry!)

In this month’s Wonder Wednesday activity, I invite you to print off a 7 Day Nature Sketching PDF funsheet for yourself, partner, colleagues, and all the children in your life.

7 day sketch fun sheet

(Download the 7 day nature sketch pdf here)

Then, for seven days (as consecutive as possible but skipping a weekend is fine), document in a small picture the changes happening right outside your door – classroom, backyard, or even the most urban door!

In each shape, draw a sign of spring or a change in nature that you actually see. Feel free to add a word that comes to mind as a part of the design if you feel so inspired.

At the end of the seven days, gather the “7 Day Nature Sketchers” together and share all the wonders that regular close observation brings.

Try this: For fun, after you do this project individually, divide your group into small groups. Give each person a copy of the 7 Day Nature Sketch printable. On day 1 each person draws on the paper they were given. Then on each subsequent day for 7 days, shift the papers to another person in the group so at the end of 7 days, each person has a drawing by each person in the group on their page! Like a mini art walk through nature!


Some things I noticed were: shoots rising from the dead remains of last years day lilies, fuzz on new tree buds, a woodchuck venturing out into the open to nibble young grass shoots, and vastly different daily temperatures! 

You may be surprised at all the overlooked seasonal whispers that get discovered in this activity! This is a great activity to ring in the change of each season and to strengthen seasonal pattern observations as well as detailed focus skills.

This activity is all about getting out, poking around in nature, and noticing changes first, and actual drawing second. That is why I call it a SKETCH.  Relax into it and get out there! Something new is happening everyday!

Share pics of your 7 Day Sketches on Instagram #wingswormsandwonder

Seeds to Sprout:

If you are using my book Wings, Worm, and Wonder: A Guide for Creatively Integrating Gardening and Outdoor Learning Into Children’s Lives, this is a great extension to the “Life in a Square” lesson!

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Need some tips for tapping into the powers of observation? Check out this blog post from last week!

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Kelly Johnson's passion is helping enthusiastic gardeners & journalers like you grow nature inspired art journal routines & gardens one seed at a time.
    1. You are too sweet!! Thank you! I am so glad you are enjoying!!!! It really means a lot to me to create nature connection experiences that inspire!

  1. Kelly, I adore your nature art and can’t wait to learn how to capture my daily encounters with nature. Thanks for the download. What a treat.

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