Wonder Wednesday 67: Nature’s Signs Scavenger Hunt with PDF!

It’s officially spring now in the northern hemisphere, and officially autumn in the southern. This means lots of changes are afoot in nature. So what better time to get out and listen for nature’s whispers, seeks nature’s signs, and learn to read the book of nature. It offers so much information about our local world!

Listen for nature's whispers, seeks nature's signs, and learn to read the book of nature with this Wings, Worms, and Wonder Wonder Wednesday Nature's Signs Scavenger Hunt Activity

Winter? Spring? Change can be tough to accept. I took this picture on, March 20, the first say of spring (aka the vernal equinox). Even nature has a hard time transitioning some days. 

Field guides are awesome, but nature herself offers so many answers to the questions you may have while outdoors when you know how to read her signs. This month’s Wonder Wednesday 67 activity is inspired by a book I just read by Tristan Gooley called The Lost Art of Reading Nature’s Signs.

Listen for nature's whispers, seeks nature's signs, and learn to read the book of nature with this Wings, Worms, and Wonder Wonder Wednesday Nature's Signs Scavenger Hunt Activity

The icicles combined with the moss tell us that these rocks draw water from an underground source and are likely north facing.

There is so much great information packed into every sentence of this book. I highly recommend you check it out for yourself. Plus, it’s peppered with anecdotes from the author’s personal experiences (successes and mishaps) and nature journal sketches.

But don’t wait to read the book to get out into nature seeking signs. In the meantime, I created a Nature’s Signs Scavenger Hunt for you!

Listen for nature's whispers, seeks nature's signs, and learn to read the book of nature with this Wings, Worms, and Wonder Wonder Wednesday Nature's Signs Scavenger Hunt Activity

The snow on the upper slopes of the mountains and grass in the valley warn us of a significant altitude and temperature difference.

Print off the pdf printable packet below, bring your nature journals along to document your clue findings and super cool discoveries, and have fun in your neck of the woods! Explore all the clues nature provides to teach us about our natural world.

Wonder Wednesday 67:

Nature’s Signs Scavenger Hunt

Learning to read nature’s signs and signals is not only fun and makes us feel deeply connected, it also keeps us safe while adventuring out in the natural world. This scavenger hunt is an intro into reading the clues nature provides for us on direction, wild vs. human, water sources, weather, and animal activity.

To do this activity, I recommend going to a larger local park or arboretum where you have some space to wander. This provides more opportunities for  finding signs. If you or a relative live on a large farm or woodland that is perfect too. Plus this activity is great for practicing reading your own land even more deeply.

If your own yard or a small patch nature is all you can access, don’t let that stop you from doing this scavenger hunt. Nature leaves clues everywhere for you to discover, no matter how small!


Nature’s Signs Scavenger Hunt PDF Printable Clue Packet. This is a group hunt so print one for each team playing. The Scavenger Hunt pdf printable clue packet requires proficient reading skills. Play in family teams, parent child teams, or any other adult, teen, child combinations you imagine. Click here to print the wings-worms-and-wonder-natures-signs-scavenger-hunt-clues-pdf


Nature Journal

Friends and Family to play along. This is an activity for ages 9 and older, but multiage groups add fun dynamic and also make the game accessible to include younger children.

Optional: Clipboards for the scavenger hunt pdf to lean on for writing and drawing, field bags, field guides, a post hunt celebration picnic


Decide on the location for the Scavenger hunt and invite some friends and family to play.

Print off the Nature’s Signs Scavenger hunt pdf printable clue packets, one for each player or team, or both. wings-worms-and-wonder-natures-signs-scavenger-hunt-clues-pdf

Gather any other supplies such as pencils, and if you are using them, field bags, clipboards, local field guides, watch, phone, etc.


Gather everyone at the Scavenger Hunt location. Explain how a scavenger hunt is played for those who may not know. Set the location parameters and time limits for the hunt. Provide ample time  for hunting and nature journaling, depending on the size of the playing parameters. An hour is good in a park approximately 4 blocks by 4 blocks.

Explain that at the designated time, everyone will meet back in the starting area.

Encourage refraining from using phones for clues, like using the compass or a plant ID app. You could even establish a rule that phones can only be used in specific predetermined situations. If we always rely on our “smart” phones, we won’t get any smarter at reading nature’s signs.

Give everyone a copy of the hunt list and make sure everyone has the supplies they need and want.

Go over the packet with the clues for reading nature’s signs, and any other nature information specific to the location. Make sure everyone understands the info clues provided on the Nature’s Signs Scavenger Hunt pdf Printable packet.

Go off and read nature’s signs!

After time is up, return to the meeting area. Share your finds, follies, discoveries, and nature journal drawings! Then, celebrate all you learned about reading nature together!

What were some favorite discoveries?

What aspects were most challenging to discover?

Share in the comments below!

Share pictures of your hunt finds and nature’s signs on Instagram #wingswormsandwonder so we can see! 

Seeds to Sprout:

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