Wonder Wednesday 57: Make a Pressed Flower Accordion Book


Happy Wonder Wednesday! This week is really exciting with the release of my new book Pressed: An Herbarium Inspired Art Journal! I am totally in love with this project and I hope you love it to!

So to celebrate the new book and all the potential fun you can have with pressed flowers, I made a video tutorial for you for this Wonder Wednesday! ¬†I also love this porject! For some reason to me pressed flowers and accordion style books go together like peaches and cream (vegan cream from cashews of course ūüėČ

And, for those of you who like to measure exactly, I made a pdf instruction sheet too with the measurements and instruction steps from the video written out!

So sit back, relax, and have fun watching the video and making your own pressed flower accordion books!

Wonder Wednesday 57: Make a Pressed Flower Accordion Book

Wonder Wednesday 57: Make a Pressed Flower Accordion Book from Wings, Worms, and Wonder on Vimeo.


Materials & Supplies

  • Some pressed flowers of your liking
  • A strip of paper, longer than it is tall, for the accordion part of your book. The size can vary, but the key is to have the height of this strip the height you want your book to be. The length can be as long as you like!
  • Card stock or cardboard for the covers.
  • Glue – Any kind will do. I used paste and rice glue in the video as examples. Personally, I like to glue the covers on with paste and the flowers in with rice glue – ideally. Rice glue has a nice consistency of not to wet and not too sticky and not too goopy.
  • A small paintbrush for glue.
  • Pencil -for sketching, drawing, measuring, and anything else you like
  • Pens and or markers – for sketching, drawing, labeling, decorating, and anything else you like
  • Ruler – to measure your interior accordion paper and covers
  • Scissors – to cut your interior accordion paper and covers
  • Optional – any decorative items you’d like to use on your cover or interior
  • Download the pdf instruction sheet here:¬†wings-worms-and-wonder-wonder-wednesday-57-pressed-flower-accordion-book-instructions



Pick and press some flowers to fill the interior of your book. You can do this project in 2 parts and make the book during the week while the flowers are pressing.



  1. Decide how long you want your book to be. My strip of paper is 20 inches long x 6 inches tall. 20 inches long makes 4 interior pages on each side. Then, cut your paper accordingly.
  2. Then fold into equal squares or rectangles, depending on the length of your strip. If it doesn’t fold equally, and there is extra paper at one or both ends, just trim it with scissors.
  3. Then use a template, like I did, or measure and cut your covers. I used decorative scrapbook style card stock, but any heavier paper will work. The covers should be slightly taller than the interior¬†paper. they can also be slightly wider, but make sure the extra width is on the outer edge of the book when you glue or it won’t fold correctly.
  4. Glue the cover papers onto the outer sides of the accordion folded interior paper.
  5. You can decorate the covers at this point once the glue is dry or at any other point from here. Make sure the back cover decorations aren’t upside down when you flip the book if you decide to make your book 2 sided.
  6. Now fill your book with pressed flowers, sketches, thoughts, facts, names, and whatever you like. Again, make sure the interior flowers and drawings correlate directionally with the cover and¬†aren’t upside down when you flip the book if you decide to make your book 2 sided.
  7. Voila! You made a pressed flower accordion style book!

What flowers would you like to put in your pressed flower accordion book?

Share in the comments below!

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Seeds to Sprout:

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Just in case you missed it above, here’s another link for the pdf instruction sheet to accompany this lesson:¬†wings-worms-and-wonder-wonder-wednesday-57-pressed-flower-accordion-book-instructions

and the direct video link: https://vimeo.com/219123755

Early bird heads up – the Etsy shop will be closed June 3-23. So if you were planning on getting anything do it quick, or wait until after summer solstice







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