Wonder Wednesday 99: A Nature Inspired Yoga Class


This month we’ve been exploring the duality of focus and distraction and the roles they play in our creative lives.

Having a stocked tool belt  to draw from when we need sensory integration support, physical and psychological peace amidst turmoil, or to just get something done is key. It helps us more consistently feel calm, confident, productive – and understand how we are contributing parts of our communities.

Keeping our nervous systems, and those of the children in our lives, balanced these days is a challenge in itself. So this Wonder Wednesday, I have a full nature inspired children’s yoga class video for you!


This Wonder Wednesday 99 enjoy a full nature inspired children's yoga class! Click to watch and get tips to use this Wings, Worms, and Wonder video class!


Use this class as a guided experience, as an example for creating ideas of your own, or use it as a fun loving class for yourself!

All humans regardless of age physically and psychologically benefit from yoga, meditation, and nature!



Wonder Wednesday 99:

A Nature Inspired Children’s Yoga,

Deep Relaxation, and Sensory Meditation

Video Class



Loose comfortable clothing

A towel or mat



The yoga portion of the class is 30 minutes. The deep relaxation and sensory observation portion of the class is also 30 minutes.

Use this class in a few ways:

  • as a video guide played where participants can watch – this works well for beginners who need to learn how to do the poses
  • with older children, do the whole thing at once.
  • with younger children, break it up and do the yoga portion and the deep relaxation portion separately, or cut the yoga portion shorter.
  • use this video as a guide and create your own class based off this



Most importantly, remember yourself and remind the children:

 if it hurts, it’s not yoga

We must always be respectful and gentle with our bodies.


Can you make space each week for a nature inspired yoga class?

How can you incorporate deep relaxation and nature inspired physical movement into your nature journaling?

How does staying more relaxed help make space for creativity and wonder in your life?



Take it easy, listen to your body and stay safe, and enjoy the class!



What was your favorite part of the class? Share in the comments below!

Share pics of your favorite nature inspired yoga poses on Instargram #wingswormsandwonder !


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About the author 

Kelly Johnson's passion is helping enthusiastic gardeners & journalers like you grow nature inspired art journal routines & gardens one seed at a time.
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