Did you check out yesterday’s post for 7 ways to celebrate the Winter Solstice?

Wonder Wednesday 64: Evergreen Solstice Tea!

  Just hearing the word lavender evokes a sense of relaxation. From the image of

Celebrate Lavender in 5 Fun Ways!

This Wonder Wednesday, Lucretia Jones, herbalist from House of Lukaya is taking the reigns! She

Wonder Wednesday 35: Make Honey Infusions

This year I tried my hand at growing lemon verbena and I couldn’t be happier!

Herbal Euphoria!! Hello Lemon Verbena!

Happy Wonder Wednesday!!! I love herbal crafts because they combine art, nature, and a DIY

Wonder Wednesday #16: Make an Herbal Salve

Sadly, this afternoon after 2 hours of writing, I just completed a killer post on

Nature vs. Technology Heartbreakers