Happy Wonder Wednesday #45!! This month I’ve created a PDF for you from the live

Wonder Wednesday 45: Beet Painting

Use it or lose it they say! But that isn’t true in the case of creativity!

Creativity = More Creativity!

I know how the things we want to do, often take a backseat to the things

Want to Do, Have to Do

What do you think Cezanne meant by this? To me, he meant that the harmony and

Seed Swap: Nature Harmony Art

The live nature journal making session was super fun, but I know not everyone could

Nature Journal Making Replay

Can you believe it’s already Day 4 of the fall Blog Hop? Let’s hop over

Day 4 Blog Hop Carolyn Lucento

It’s Day 3 of the Draw Yourself Back to Nature fall blog hop!!! Hop with

Day 3 Blog Hop Yuko Miki

Welcome to the fall Draw Yourself Back to Nature eCourse Blog Hop Day 1 !!!!

Watercolor Basics: Day 1 Blog Hop!

How do you creatively connect with nature? Is there even enough time in the day?

Connect with Creativity, Naturally

You may have seen on social media over the past 2 weeks that I was

Nature Journaling in the Age of Montessori

Happy last day of summer!!! Tomorrow is the autumnal equinox, so be sure to celebrate!

Seed Swap: Fall Blog Hops Everywhere!!

WOW and THANK YOU!!! Is all I can say to y'all for the wonderful support and

Summer Blog Hop Winners!

Welcome to Day 5 of the blog hop!!!It's the final day and Registration is open

Bundle Up for Summer Blog Hop: Day 5

Welcome to the blog hop Day 4!!Today is a special treat for all you school

Bundle Up for Summer Blog Hop: Day 4

Welcome to Day 3 of the Blog Hop!!Today we hop over to the Trillium Montessori

Bundle Up for Summer Blog Hop: Day 3!!!