The live nature journal making session was super fun, but I know not everyone could make it.

So, I recorded it to have a replay, and as the best laid plans go, the file was somehow damaged and is unable to be played.

Welcome to a life with the tech gremlins! They’re even present in the fonts in this post! Who fed those mogwai after midnight?

Not to be kept down, I recorded a new quick version of the tutorial for you. It’s not as exciting as the original, and you can’t see any of the participants and their journals, but you get to make the journal and that is the main thing, right?

Recording gremlins aside,
I was having so much fun live
I forgot to mention the surprise bonus!!

Everyone who registers now through the weekend gets:
(From now until Sunday, 10.11.15, at midnight, est)

* The extended early bird pricing of $65 + 

* A free spot in the Connecting with Color eCourse

Take advantage of the tech gremlins and snag these bonuses!! 

Register for Draw Yourself Back to Nature here.


And a quick congrats to jennifer who won the set of Nature Journal prompt Cards during the live session. Jennifer be sure to email me your contact info so I can send you your prize!! You can use this link here.

Watch the Nature Journal Making Tutorial replay(-ish) here! 

I hope you’ll join me in both the, tech gremlin free, Connecting with Color and Draw Yourself Back to Nature eCourses!

 Here’s what a few past participants have to say…

“I sat by the water and did the guided meditation…It was amazing. Today was the first day of class and I can already tell it is going to be so much more than a nature journaling class!” DS

“So great to be spending time with like minded others who get it.” JH

“This course is an amazing delight! You’ve put so much detail and information into it and I’m enjoying connecting to nature in new and creative ways.” HM

Grab your spot in Draw Yourself Back to Nature while the tech gremlin special lasts!

Seeds to Sprout:

Commenting to be entered to win Blog Hop prizes lasts through Sunday 10/11/15!

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Wednesday: Honeyberry Studios’ Leaf Doodle tutorial

Thursday: Magical Movement Company’s Nature Art with Children tutorial

Friday: Mountain Mermaid’s Doodlling Back to Nature tutorial

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