Sketch Spring Flowers!

Being half spring and half winter makes March a strange month weather wise. In the past week alone it seems like we’ve had all 4 seasons! I’m happy with either season, although I have a special fondness for winter, but who can resist the early spring flowers?

To celebrate the early bloomers, this week I made a how-to sketch spring flower video for you! It features one of the most beloved (and historically mania inducing) spring flowers – the tulip!

Tulip flowers originate in the area of Earth that is now Turkey and they are rich with symbolism. Yellow represents cheerfulness, white forgiveness, purple royalty, and red perfect love. Tulips we so sought after in the 17th century that they created the first economic bubble named  tulip mania!

Check out the video below and try your hand at this fun and easy way to sketch tulip flowers!

What are your favorite late winter or early spring flowers?

Let me know in the comments & I’ll try to do a sketching video of them!

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Seeds to Sprout:

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Learn more about Tulip Mania and tulips in general here!

  1. I always wait for the crocuses to pop up. They are the first sign of Spring in our yard.

    1. Yes Jeanine! Crocuses are so fantastic! I love how they pop up all willy nilly everywhere.

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