Wonder Wednesday #17: Pocket Nature Journal Video!

Wonder Wednesday #17: Pocket Nature Journal Video!

Happy Wonder Wednesday! To kick off the first Wonder Wednesday of the new year, I thought I’d do something fun, so I made you a video tutorial for creating a one page pocket nature journal for easy on the go documentation of your world!

These little pocket journals are really fun to make for a day outing or field trip and are a unique tool for documenting discoveries made on specific topics. They can be designed to document a special event like “My Trip to the Museum,” they can be used to explore a specific topic like “Houseplants in My House,” or for anything that inspires you and the children in your life! I used recycled copy paper, but if you use a thicker paper like construction, you can create a pressed flower or leaf booklet. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination!

Pocket journals are easily made with elementary age children and older, but also work great with younger students, who can use scissors, with 1 on 1 assistance.

Have fun with this and share pictures of the journals you make on  Instagram @wingswormsandwonder!

Find the written instructions for the Pocket Nature journal here! Pocket nature journal pdf

Seeds to Sprout:

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