Wonder Wednesday 141: Viviva Painting Playlist!

wonder wednesday 141

It all began...

...back in 2021 when Viviva Colors reached out to me in an email about a partnership in a cobranded set of paints.

Well, as you know, I don't do ads on my site and I'm not into selling other products because everything I do with Wings, Worms, and Wonder is very ethically driven and it is way to difficult to keep track of other companies' ethical standards! So, I was a bit skeptical, but thought something about this seems different. Let me keep an open mind and give it a look into.

So I did some research on the company, was was blown away by the far reach of their ethical standards from environmental to social - as well as the mission behind why they make these paints and art supplies. I thought I can definitely get into this! We worked together for a few months coming up with how our first collaboration would happen and what was expected on both ends.

Wings Worms and Wonder Viviva Colors Wonder Wednesday 141

It was great. Very open and kind and not all about the sales. It was actually not really about sales at all, because I made clear that I was not about that, and so the relationship began on a foundation of creative collaboration- which you know is right up my alley. Plus - the timeframe aligned so perfectly with the release of my 5th book, Draw Yourself Back to Nature! Such a win on all sides! 

The Paints!

On top of all the amazing ethics, enthusiasm, & kindness of the Viviva team, I love the vibrancy of these paints! They are so brilliant and saturated and the metallics are so sparkly!

The paint and sketchbook products quality are equal to the high level ethics! I can honestly say, their sketchbooks are my all time favorite sketchbooks of all time. They are amazing for paint, pencil, pens, markers - and combinations off all!  Win-win -win!

Wings Worms and Wonder Viviva Colors Wonder Wednesday 141

From the first cobranded set of paint to the past 6 months as an Ambassador, I really can't speak highly enough of my relationship with the people, art products, and paints of Viviva Colors. But, what does this have to do with Wonder Wednesday projects?

The Wonder Wednesday 141 Playlist!

Well, this Wonder Wednesday, I compiled a playlist of all my Viviva Colors videos specifically for you!

Wings Worms and Wonder Viviva Colors Wonder Wednesday 141

July is World Watercolor Month, so to keep ya fueled with painting projects should you choose to participate, look no further! 

From fun art inspiration videos to quick art playdates, to full on step-by-step painting tutorials, for this Wonder Wednesday 141 - I compiled them all together for you! 

It's a project x 14!

Wings Worms and Wonder Viviva Colors Wonder Wednesday 141

Whether for summer afternoon painting fun, or here and there art relaxation breaks with your own Viviva Colors paints, you can find so much ethical art goodness in one easy to access one playlist! (Because ugh! nothing kills a wisp of creative motivation like having to search up something on the internet!)

Wings Worms and Wonder Viviva Colors Wonder Wednesday 141

Check it out and choose which video tutorial you'll play with first!

Seeds to Sprout!

wonder wednesday 141

Viviva Colors

Don't have your own set of paints or sketchbook yet? Never fear!

You can get them from the Viviva site anytime you like!

Use the code KELLY10 

through June 2024 for 10% off! 

Draw Yourself Back to Nature Book by Wings, Worms, and Wonder

Draw Yourself Back

If you are looking for a guided journey into creative nature connection, my book Draw Yourself Back to Nature is the perfect place to start the journey! Intentionally multi-leveled for all stages of art marker seasoned, novice, and getting back into it art makers will find art fun & fulfillment in the guided projects. And the connections that will be made with nature & personal creativity will bring joy and peace to each experience!

World Watercolor Month

Learn more about World Watercolor Month in this Wings, Worms, and Wonder blogpost, and discover how you can participate with the world - if you like! 

Or just get some ideas and paint yourself!

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