Tell Your friends! Wings, Worms, and Wonder is Officially Released Today!!!!

I am thrilled, nervous, and excited to announce the official release day for my new book Wings, Worms, and Wonder: A Guide for Integrating Gardening and Outdoor Learning Into Children’s Lives. This project began as an idea three years ago and I can hardly believe that it has really happened! I hope that this book is able to provide adults with the inspiration and tools they need to create successful holistic gardening and nature experiences with children that encourage a sense of wonder and lifelong love of the natural world. I envision it becoming a trusted friend to those seeking to integrate nature back into the lives of the children in their care and am sincerely optimistic that it will plant seeds in children today that will sprout future generations with a connection to food and place and a love of the beauty and fulfillment that nature provides.

Every aspect of the guide is a result of my strong desire to provide children with the everyday nature experiences that they crave and each lesson and tidbit of gardening advice is inspired by my own experiences as a teacher and gardener. Taking the work beyond the actual book, I see this site and blog as being a place where new children’s gardeners can feel empowered to ask questions and experienced gardeners can share their experiential wisdom. I will be posting gardening tips, tidbits, and musings weekly and posting new lessons and downloadable PDFs that compliment those in the guide monthly, so be sure to check this site and theĀ facebook page often and share them with your friends! I look forward to exchanging ideas and feedback with you!

If you haven’t ordered your copy yet, get it today – on the official release date – and remind your friends to get theirs too! They make awesome teacher gifts or donations to school resource libraries, so you may want to get a few copies. (There is a discount for ordering 3 or more, yeah!) Remember to let me know if you would like your copy inscribed. Did you know this is a limited edition inaugural run printed by 1984 Printing, a woman owned indie collective, on recycled paper withe veggie based inks and animal free glues!! Isn’t that just the icing on the cake?!

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