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Nature Journaling

Join a Wings, Worms, and Wonder Nature Journaling online class!!
Let's begin your nature journaling journey!

Join the Wings, Worms, and Wonder online nature journaling school!

Explore a wide variety of process based classes on nature journaling using drawing & watercolor painting as your creative nature connection tools. 

Each class is designed to use art as the vehicle for connecting with the nature right outside your door at a variety of prices starting at FREE!

Discover drawing & painting techniques, color theory, nature inspired artists of past & present, ethnobotany, nature connection benefits, & the joys of observation, practice, and connection in a compassionate community of creatives!

For all ages & experience levels.

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Montessori Webinars

ecoart course trillium
Explore nature-based art grounded in history, pedagogy, and methodology, while uncovering the ways in which natural elements are used to connect people to place.
Eco-Art & Nature Journaling 
Integrating Science & the Arts for Ecological Literacy

Drawing on the strength of children’s inherent connection to nature, and Montessori's value of nature in childhood, this course delivers innovative practical applications for integrating art and science into the classroom, while promoting a connection to place and the natural world right outside our doors.

Eco-Art takes place in a variety of environments from the schoolyard garden, to parks, to the classroom, and easily integrates across Montessori curricula at all levels.

CPDs available.

Cosmic Task of Creativity Course
What is the connection between ecoliteracy and guiding a child toward their Cosmic Task?
The Cosmic Task of Creativity

By drawing on humans’ innate possibilities of creativity, along with a biological desire for true connection and love of our natural world, the Montessori Cosmic Curriculum provides teachers and students a map and systems to prepare the child for the journey.

Explore exciting neuroscience behind ecological intelligence and creativity, + gain practical understanding for implementing hands-on activities aligned with the Cosmic Curriculum.

 CPDs available.

nature writing webinar
Want to integrate more nature into your classroom but aren’t sure how to get started? Join this free webinar!
Nature as a Tool for Teaching Writing

Engage your students’ enthusiasm for writing & explore ways to connect with the natural world that will motivate elementary aged children to enjoy the writing process.


Ways to incorporate nature exploration regardless of your physical location - urban, suburban, rural - it can all work!

Motivate students to explore and experience the natural world & Use that nature as a writing prompt.

Integrate nature across curriculum areas with nature inspired lessons that complement the lessons on the shelf.

Have you always wanted to garden with your students but felt that you lacked the resources and know-how to effectively integrate a school across your classroom curricula?
School Gardens

Montessori educators know the positive impact that experiencing nature, learning to be good stewards of our Earth, and maintaining a school garden can have on our students. The influence is far reaching and can last a lifetime.

But for many of us that is easier said than done! The lack of gardening know-how and feelings of overwhelm can stop us in our tracks.

While all of our outdoor spaces are going to look different – from a few pots on a patio to a small farm (and everything in between) – what matters is that we start where we are.

This course provides specific guidance on how to successfully garden with children, lesson plans for the garden that align with existing Montessori elementary lessons, and the health and academic benefits of gardening with children.

This AMS Learning webinar is available to American Montessori Society members.
Weaving the Wild

Using Gardening and Art to Preserve Wonder & Weave Learning Across Montessori Curricula

Discover how a garden helps you meet your teaching goals!

Dive into ecoliteracy and its relationship to the Cosmic Curriculum, while learning  fun ways to weave more nature and creativity into your classroom.

Come away with a glimpse into the exciting science behind ecological intelligence and creativity, and gain a practical understanding of fun ways to apply these concepts.

CPDs available.


In person or online, let’s collaborate on how to build your first garden - or how to get an established garden back on track!
Wings, Worms, and Wonder will inspire your Teacher Inservice days and Get your school gardens growing with consultations!

The sky’s the limit!

 Let’s develop your dream garden and set you up for home, school, and community gardening success!

Ready to Grow? 

A 1 hour consultation for Home or School includes:

  • Get your garden creation questions answered
  • Address your practical garden maintenance needs and questions
  • Plan your first planting
  • Tackle existing garden challenges or floundering attempts
  • Explore how to get teachers, administration, family members, or community leaders on board
  • Discover how to weave the garden into the fabric of your home, school, or community
  • Spark enthusiasm and sense of wonder in all who visit your garden
  • Build "green thumb" confidence, gain a gardening ally, & more!

I will provide you with LOTS of great ideas, practical advice, action plans, and follow-up resources based on the particular needs of your specific site and our discussion.

Events & Workshops

I would love to creatively connect with YOU!

Painting, drawing, gardening, and more! 

Stay up to date with all my public workshops and events, get tickets, register, ask me questions about the events, and more!

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Schools & Community Nature Connections

How does your school garden grow?
Wings, Worms, and Wonder School gardening workshops!

Let’s customize an art & garden-based, wonder inspiring workshop (in-person or online) that fits your needs!

Wings, Worms, and Wonder Workshops are specifically designed to inspire students and teachers to ignite & draw on their senses of wonder to weave creative gardening & nature-study across the fabric of school community.

Each full or half day workshop (for students, teachers, or both) is developed to meet the school’s specific needs and visions for their garden or nature program.

Click here to learn more about possibilities for Teacher and Student in-person workshop options and here for my Speaking and Presentations offerings. These are great for teacher in-service days and parent education nights.

Contact me for specific rates and more information on creating the perfect workshop for your school.

Ready to Grow? 

Families & Community

Maker events, Scout workshops, Senior centers, Let Wings, Worms, and Wonder plant creative nature connection seeds with your group or event!
Choose a focus from a variety of topics including:
  • Nature Journaling
  • Sensory experience
  • Story
  • Song
  • Botany
  • Supplies not included

Ready to Grow? 

Nature inspired online workshops for your Scout Troop, Maker Event, Virtual Field Trip, Toddler or Homeschool Group! 

Workshops are 1 hour on Zoom.

Montessori based and developmentally appropriate, I bring the wonders of nature to your children!

Girl Scout Troops!

FREE online Badge Workshops coming soon!

Join a Wings, Worms, and Wonder Nature Art workshop!

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