Wonder Wednesday 62: Process Nature Art

Happy Wonder Wednesday 62! 

This month, we went live again! Yay! It was so fun this summer, I decided I’d try to do a live Wonder Wednesday once each season, so here we are for fall.

Join my guest Kiala Givehand and me to make a folded book from one piece of paper, and then fill page spreads with nature inspired process art!

What does that mean you ask? 

Abstract process art can be used as a warm up or as a background for something else (think frames, gift tags, collage), but the main purpose is plain process fun!

Think cutting loose, kicking back, letting go, having fun, process over product, and that’s all I’ll say so I don’t ruin all the surprises!

Watch the replay below and play along!

Wonder Wednesday 62 LIVE replay!

And here’s the Wonder Wednesday 62 Abstract Process Art steps I instructed on the video in written form for you. Feel free to take these steps/ideas and run with them. Change the theme, adapt them to a season, color scheme, or go totally random!


Blank sheets of paper to make a “French Door Structure” style folded book with Kiala – any size you have around and any texture or weight
A selection of Pencils, Pens, Markers, paints, and any other art supplies you like
Perhaps a few nature items, like leaves, but that is optional


1. Make 3 leaf shapes, any size shape & medium you like.

2. Add some dots – solid, open, large, small, whatever you like.

3. Then, turn your page 90 degrees.

4. Add 3 fall fruits – any size shape variety – pumpkins, squash, papaya, whatever you like

5. Add some lines – active quite, straight, curved, big, small whatever you like.

6. Turn your page 90 degrees

7. Trace or add rubbings from nature items to add texture around your page.

8. Add a new medium – This could be water or whatever you like. Then move your paper around to see if anythings blends or spreads or runs in interesting ways.

9. Add words or letters around your page. They can say or spell something or just be used as visual images made from random letters or characters

10. Turn your page 90 degrees again.

11. Draw 3 more leaves – any size, shape, color, or medium

12. Turn your paper 90 degrees, this should have you back to the direction/paper orientation you started.

13. See if your paper calls for anything else and add anything your imagination tells you to add!

Share pictures of your Wonder Wednesday 62 nature process art and folded journals on Instagram @ & # wingswormsandwonder!

Seeds to Sprout:

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Kelly Johnson's passion is helping enthusiastic gardeners & journalers like you grow nature inspired art journal routines & gardens one seed at a time.
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