Wonder Wednesday #19: Tea for the Tufted Titmouse

Whether spring has arrived and the birds are migrating or it is still winter and birds need accessible food, this project fits the bill, or should I say beak since we’re talking songbirds! Suet teacup bird feeders are perfect additions to the garden, adding beauty, up-cycled whimsy, and function. A triple threat! Suet is a hearty food perfect for birds needing good energy and easy to make at home. It often includes lard, but this variation is animal friendly. If you are a peanut free school or home, just substitute the peanut butter for sunflower or any other nut or seed butter you prefer.


Wonder Wednesday #19: Suet Tea Cup Bird Feeders


Teacups, these can be vintage, chipped, cracked, thrifted, salvaged, whatever! It is a great way to up-cycle tea cups you may not want to use for drinking anymore

Ribbon, raffia, twine, or string

4 inch straw or wooden dowel (I used the large boba tea style straw)


Recipe Ingredients:

(makes enough for about 6 teacups)

1c shortening

1c peanut butter

1/2c non gmo cornmeal

1/2 c flour, I used coconut flout because I had it on hand, but you can use any kind of non gmo flour.

Bird seed of your choice. I used a combo of black oil sunflower seeds and regular backyard bird seed bag from the hardware store. I start with a 1/2 cup of each. I always end up adding more after mixing it all up.


Measure out your peanut butter and shortening, 1 cup each, and then your cornmeal and flour 1/2 cup each.


Mix them all together well. It will be like a thick batter.



Then measure out your birdseed blend and black oil sunflower seeds. Mix them into the thick batter mix.


I start with 1/2 cup of each seed type and add more into the mix if it seems like it needs it. I think I go more on aesthetics with this than anything!


Finally, fill up the tea cups with the suet mix and add the straws for little perches if you would like. I like to sprinkle some sunflower seeds to top as visual accents. Tie the ribbon around the tea cup’s handle.


Hang the tea cups outside in a visible spot. Keep your nature journal nearby and you can track what species are visiting your feeder! If you are making these with students, hang the suet tea cups outside a classroom window, if possible, and hang a large chart on the wall nearby where the students can track the birds they are seeing and what time of day the birds feed. Then, the students can research the birds visiting the feeder and make school yard field guide booklets to share on the different varieties of local and migrating winged visitors.

When prepping supplies for this activity, check out My First Bird Book by Sharon Lovejoy. It may sound like it’s for toddlers, but it isn’t at all! This small format book (with the misleading juvenile title) includes a fantastic backyard field guide, bird journal activities, info on feathers, feet, beaks, gizzards, food, recipes, poop, homes, all with lots of fun to-dos and whimsical watercolor illustrations. It is perfect for elementary age students and I really like it for my own personal reference! Lovejoy’s books have been a big inspiration in the way I creatively arranged and illustrated my book. This book is a great accent to traditional field guides.


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