Wonder Wednesday 129: Hummingbird Juice

Let's kick off summer vacation by treating ourselves to a refreshing mocktail!

But first let's take a moment to celebrate some of the busiest birds out there- the hummingbird! Hummingbirds are amazing acrobats who function at such a high frequency that they must replenish their energy every 15 minutes or else they can die. 

Male Ruby Throated Hummingbird Photo Credit - All About Birds/Cornell Lab of Ornithology

The ruby throated hummingbird, eastern North America's only breeding hummingbird, beats it's wings about 53 times per second! That requires a lot of energy! They also migrate between central Mexico and southern Canada, another feat requiring A LOT of energy!

This mass migration of hummingbirds across the Gulf of Mexico is still quite a mystery to ornithologists, which is kind of wonder inspiring and exciting. 

Female Ruby Throated Hummingbird Photo Credit - All About Birds/Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Scientists have come to agree that hummingbirds and certain flowers evolved together as a strategy for the flowers to get pollenated when it was raining and in weather condition areas where insects can't fly, like rainy areas and seasons. In return, the flowers furnish the nectar hungry hummingbirds with an ample reliable sugar/food source.  

Feeders and planting red and orange flowers are a great way to attract hummingbirds to your garden, balcony, or patio.

Male Ruby Throated Hummingbird Photo Credit - All About Birds/Cornell Lab of Ornithology

There's nothing much more refreshing than a chilled, fizzy, slightly sweet, slightly spicy drink after a hot day of fun in the sun.

So this Wonder Wednesday we're making Hummingbird Juice - for humans! This fun mocktail is fancy and fizzy and has all the tastes of summer in one single glass.

And if you're lucky maybe a hummingbird will zip by while you savor the flavors of ginger and sorrel!

Y'all know I love a good sorrel drink, and have offered a few different recipes using this favorite of mine garden flower in the past, but this rendition is specifically crafted to celebrate the start of summer hummingbird season!


-Sorrel (I used 5 tea bags this time since it isn't in season in my garden at the moment)
-1.5 c Organic Raw Cane Sugar
-1.5 c water
-Ginger Juice (fresh made or take it easy and use a ginger shot)
-Fizzy water
-Glasses with ice


-Place the sugar and the water into a pot on medium and stir until dissolved (You're making a basic simple syurp)

-Add the loose sorrel calyxes or sorrel tea bags. If using loose, they can be fresh or dried. Dried offers a stronger flavor.

-Stir regularly for about 15 minutes on a low boil for the sorrel to steep and until the mixture become syrupy, but not super thick.

Let it cool down some, at least until it's warm not hot.

-Strain the sorrel/ Remove the tea bags

-To serve, pour some syrup over the ice, add a splash of ginger juice, fill with fizzy water, & add a squeeze of lime - all to your own taste.

(More syrup=sweeter drink, more lime = sour drink, more ginger= spicy drink...)

-Mix and enjoy!

Kick back and wait for some busy hummingbirds to dart by, reminding you of the importance to take time to savor the summer!

Here's a little 1 minute video I made for you showing the process of making Hummingbird Juice Mocktails!


These hummingbird mocktails would make a great colorful addition to June Pride festivities.

And are especially appropriate for Juneteenth celebrations because sorrel, (
Rumex acetosa, sorrel drink, hibiscus jubilee, rosa de Jamaica), is a traditional herb enjoyed throughout the African Diaspora.

Make a little extra sorrel syrup and save it in the fridge for a few weeks so hummingbird mocktails can be enjoyed all hummingbird migration season long!
Plus - learn more about hummingbirds of the western hemisphere with this free downloadable poster from the Cornell Bird Lab! Click here!

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