Mindfully, is the adjective form of mindful – conscious or aware of something. In

Drawing Mindfully: A Fun Exercise

This month’s seeds swap is getting pretty philosophical! I really liked this quote and the

Seed Swap: Listen Before Looking

In a hurried modern culture of instant gratification, it’s very easy to forget the joy

The Joy of Practice

Today kicks off my Video Series on Tools for Nature Journaling!!! I want to help

Nature Journal Tools Videos!!

I’m a chatty person for sure, but I’m not one to wrangle people into things.

Stop and Draw the Roses

Observation. Sure it means to look carefully, to study something closely, often with only our


Why should you nature journal? Because Rachel Carson did? Because Beatrix Potter did? Because I

Why Nature Journal?

How much of what you see each day do you really notice? It’s tough with

Seed Swap: Notice What You See

Check out this fun make your own Winter Nature Journal tutorial from a guest post

Winter Nature Journal for Kids