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Let the Process BE the Product: Tips for Creatively Connecting with Nature

To get you feeling inspired on the process of nature journaling and using creativity to connect with nature, here’s a link to an interview on the Alchemy of Art Podcast!

Wings, Worms, and Wonder + Viviva Colors Ambassador Collaboration

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Nature Journal Prompt Cards Decks


Nature Journal Prompt Cards for Children

The Creative Connections Inspiration Deck by Wings, Worms, and Wonder!

Creative Connections Inspiration

Here are some pdf printables to get you going with your cards and nature journaling….

& If you don’t have a deck yet, or want to get one or both

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Book Owners:

Here in the members Garden Party private website page you can download the patterns and research masters from the books & get lesson bonuses only available to Garden Party Invitees – that’s you the buyers of these 2 books!

Many of the downloadable fun sheets below have blog posts that correspond or offer more details on using them. Simply search their title on the blog page for more info or details.

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Which book is best for me? Great Question!

The books are: full color, fully illustrated, chock full of information, resources, activities, work great in home, school, and community scenarios, and can be used as multi-year nature curriculums in Montessori, pre-school, elementary school, homeschool, and progressive schooling environments. Check out this video to decide which book is, or books are, right for you!

Many of the activities in each book can be adapted to fit children of ages outside the target range – I do that all the time with them, but there are some important differences between the books.

Wings, Worms, and Wonder: A Guide for Creatively Integrating Gardening and Outdoor Learning…

Is a compilation of activities and info targeted at children ages 6-12 years. It answers the question: So you have a garden, but now what do you do with it?

Above and beyond gardening guidance on topics such as composting and organic pest control, it gives adults the tools to reconnect themselves and the children in their lives to the natural world through holistic gardening experiences. It will ignite your confidence to create outdoor learning experiences that nurture both wonder and ecological literacy.

Overflowing with tips for successfully gardening with children in school and community settings, as well as including 40 tested lesson plans and activities and over 100 extensions, you’ll find everything you need to seamlessly integrate gardening into both elementary curricula and daily life.

Learn more about Wings, Worms, and Wonder the book here.

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Wonder and Wander: An Early Childhood Nature Connection Guide…

Offers my creative nature connection experience to those with young children at home, school, and in the community.

Inside, find nearly 100 activities, creative projects, and games, as well as garden and outdoor advice and ample resources to set you up for being-outdoors-with-young-children success in all weather and seasons!

Discover why nature is so important for childhood development and gather a bounty of tips and tools for:

  • overcoming fear (in the adult and the child),
  • being prepared for storms (both the weather and toddler kind),
  • and creating holistic outdoor experiences that foster young children’s Naturalist Intelligence, motor skills, sense of wonder, independence, resiliency, and love of nature

— regardless of prior nature experience.

Learn more about Wonder and Wander the book here.

Get your Copy of Wonder and Wander:

Draw Yourself Back to Nature: Creativity, connection, & art-making with the natural world….

Finally a book with projects for adults (and adolescents 12+). This is the perfect guide for everyone seeking to connect with the nature right outside their door through art and creativity! Novice to advanced, regardless of experience (with art or nature) this Wings, Worms, and Wonder step-by-step project-based book will guide you on your nature journaling journey!

Fully color illustrated , and with over 30 projects & 50 Wonder Boost creative nature connection ideas and resources, draw, paint, print, gather, and explore the natural wonders waiting right outside your door. Through art-making, you’ll experiment, refine & grow nature journaling and art-making techniques, deepen personal nature connections via creativity, develop personal aesthetics and styles, experience the joys of a creative practice, strengthen connections with practice of practice, creative focus, and time spent with nature.

This book aims to motivate you to cultivate your nature art journaling practice, resulting in the peace and joy that grow from deep connections to the wonder filled web of nature. Through the centuries old practice, we deepen our understanding of the aspects of nature that inspire us most. Draw Yourself Back to Nature helps you hone the skills and knowledge you have, refine your painting and drawing technique, and build confidence in your abilities, while inspiring you to explore new realms of both the natural and the art worlds!

This book also makes a great Montessori art curriculum for the secondary level.

Learn more about Draw Yourself Back to Nature the book here!

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12 Month Art & Nature Journal

The perfect way to nature journal your way through the year! Whether you live in the city, suburbs, or wilderness, this journal will inspire you to seek and connect with the nature right outside your door. There are no dates, just months, so relax and jump in anywhere, anytime of the year, to begin your creative nature journaling journey. 25+ hand drawn illustrations and the natural world await your colored pencils to fill this art & nature journal with your impressions and connections of the wonder of nature!

Get your copy of the 12 Month Art & Nature Journal here! 

Pressed: An Herbarium Inspired Art Journal

The perfect workbook for your next creative nature connection adventure! In this paperback workbook you’ll pick, press, paste, and pen flowers, leaves, seeds, and even feathers and insect wings along side your own sketches, journaling, and ephemera. Included are guided creative exploration prompts, as well as illustrations to color, flower symbolism fun, and free space to create to express your nature adventures near and far!

Get your copy of Pressed Here!

PDF masters from the book Wonder and Wander:

Wonder: Play with a Bouquet” Activity – Parts of a Flower Printable Card Matching PDF

Wander: Outdoor Color Games – Nature’s Spectrum Seek and Find Printable Funsheet PDF

Wander: Seed Coats – Seed Parts Labeling and Printable Card Matching PDF 

PDFs Research Masters from the book Wings, Worms, and Wonder:

Pdf Masters and Photo References from Draw Yourself Back to Nature:

30 Day Thumbnail Sketch pdf Funsheet

30 Days of Journal Prompts pdf Funsheet

Supply List pdf Funsheet

Inspiration feedback loop mini-poster

Deep Listening pdf Funsheet

Photowalk Prompts pdf Funsheet

Nature Symmetry References pdf

Flip It! References pdf

Palettes of Place & more online nature journaling classes – starting at free!

Wet-on-Wet Watercolor Leaves References pdf

Viola & Dandelion References Pdf

Wonder Wednesday 93: Bake a Dandelion Cake!

Botanical Wreaths Flower Photo References pdf



Make a Pocket Nature Journal Video Tutorial

Password: pocket nature journal

Pocket Nature Journal Instructions pdf

Bonus: Camouflage Master Four small butterflies to a page to provide variety for those wanting to hide different sized insects.

Bonus: Plant Anatomy Use actual plants (1 per child is ideal) along with this labeling sheet to teach plant shoot anatomy. You could use this to create an independent follow up lesson that included a tray with a small plant, a blank sheet to fill, and a control that is appropriate for the age group.

Bonus: Rainbow A Rainbow of Health- When discussing nutrition with children create an initial presentation based on the beauty of food. Using a wide variety of actual fruits and veggies as well as picture cards present to the children the diverse beauty and colors of the food they eat. Then, have children draw their favorite fruits and veggies from each color of the rainbow in the bowl.

Bonus: Food Group Food Group Wheel- This is a new take on the traditional food group lessons that considers and is inclusive of all diet types and style. It offers areas for fruits, vegetables, grains, and proteins. This wheel does not show how much of a group one should eat but focuses on how different foods fit into groups that serve the body in different ways. For those who include meat and dairy in their diets, on this non-biased wheel, place those foods into protein. This new way of looking at foods can be taught independently from or in addition to traditional industry funded methods.


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