Journaling With Nature Podcast Chat

Join me in a lighthearted chat with Bethan Burton of the Journaling with Nature podcast and founder of International Nature Journaling Week!

Journaling With Nature Podcast

episode 54 with Kelly Johnson

We chat about:

  • The influences in my young life that shaped who she is today.
  • The importance of independent outdoor play.
  • How I came to Montessori teaching and started Wings, Worms and Wonder.
  • The ways I helps different age groups connect with nature.
  • Why art is so useful for creating connections with nature and with each other.
  • How giving children opportunities to practice risk-benefit analysis (inherent in nature play) gives them tools and strategies that they can use in adolescence to make safer decisions.
  • How we are connected in a global network.
  • How sharing nature journaling can help us appreciate nature in other places.
  • How to tune into ‘nature’s whispers’.

Seeds to Sprout

Read the blog post that I wrote for International Nature Journaling Week click here:

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