Did anyone get up and see the lunar eclipsed blood moon? (Also called pink moon, but blood moon is so much more dramatic!) It is Monday afternoon now as I write, but I am planning on it. While getting up at 3am to go outside is exactly not what I am going to want to do when that alarm goes off these are the magic moments in nature that are worth the extra effort.


Here I’m looking east, but tonight I will have to look west to see the moon. 

On the topic, Rachel Carson says in The Sense of Wonder:

“We have let Roger share our enjoyment of things people usually deny children because they are inconvenient, interfering with bedtime, or involving wet clothing that has to be changed or mud that has to be cleaned off the rug. We have let him join us in the dark living room before the picture window to watch the full moon riding lower and lower toward the far shore of the bay, setting all the water ablaze with silver flames…I think we have felt that the memory of such a scene, photographed year after year by his child’s mind, would mean more to him in manhood than the sleep he was losing.”


How invaluable is that reminder? To me, incredibly. To get up and experience a natural wonder is far more important to me than being a little tired. I imagine I am going to sleep well when I return to bed because I will feel peaceful and connected. We are part of nature and I think that when we release attachment to our schedules and allow ourselves to participate in nature’s rhythm we are rewarded in far greater ways than we expect.

So did you get up?

Did you wake your children up?

Did the pros outweigh the cons to you?

Let me know! I can’t wait to hear what you say! 

Seeds to Sprout:

Learn the science behind the blood moon from earthsky.org

Check out this Washington Post article on the upcoming series of lunar eclipses and also find out more info on what stars, planets, and constellations can be seen in conjunction with the eclipses!

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