what is a weed webgraphicI agree! So often in life we disregard what we don’t understand. So many weeds are actually very useful plants for everything from food, to medicine, to simple beauty. Take the thistle and purslane “weeds” sprouting in your spring and summer gardens for example.

 What weeds in your garden are actually edible?

Will you consider leaving them be?

The next time you are about to yank a weed, take a moment to consider it. Is it something that really is a nuisance in that spot or is it perhaps an unidentified garden gem? Think about how the “weed” feels! We have all be in the wrong place at the wrong time in our lives, making us a “weed” in the situation, but does that mean we are any less valuable in the big bio-diverse world? What do you think?

When was the last time you felt like a weed and where did you go to feel appreciated?

Share in the comments below!

(I feel like a weed at big parties, meetings, and at large gatherings in general.)

Seeds to Sprout:

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Thistles are beneficial to humans and animals! See what the USDA has to say about the beautiful, but often mowed down thistle plant

Purslane Weed It or Eat It?

Purslane recipes

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