I was strolling (really tromping, but strolling sounds better, right?) around outside today and a thought came to me as I passed by this tree. First, I thought, wow what a weird tree. What is wrong with it? (Why should something be wrong with it because it has unusual features? That’s a whole other side tracking train of thought that took off!) Then, the nature smarty pants in me thought, oh they are just galls. Then, the more reasonable not so smarty pants thought, are they really galls? What is really up with this tree and how can I find out? And finally, a burst of cleverness (or so I am liking to think) came to me…….


I should create a feature on the blog where all my super nature smart readers can share all the wonderful knowledge they have! I have tons of questions about things, and while I looooove to research and find all kinds of interesting info, links, grants, lesson plans, celebrations, events, and all around wonder inspiration and compile them for y’all out there working hard in the classroom all day, I would also loooove to learn from you too! And so today, the Seed Swap is born at Wings, Worms, and Wonder.


If you have ever been to a seed swap you know how fun they are and how much you can learn about growing new to you and unusual varieties of plants right from those with experience growing them. So here in the new Wings, Worms, and Wonder Seed Swap I will post questions, pictures of unusual things I come across happening in the garden or nature in general, thought provoking quotes, concepts or ideas, and  you, the super nature smart readers can share with the rest of us your inside knowledge, your experiences with the particular topic, anecdotes, or anything that comes to mind on the topic! Yay!!

You can share here in the comments, or you can share in the social media site comments, or both! Collaboration is tons of fun, so join in and share what you know. I would love to hear it!! My voice gets lonely over here!

If you would like to pose a question for the Seed Swap, just email me through the website or message me on FB or Twitter and I will put it out there! If y’all get really into Seed Swapping, I’ll make it weekly.  Maybe I’ll even make a private Wings, Worms, and Wonder FB group where we can discuss all kinds of garden and nature-y things! What do you think?

Soooo, what is going on with this tree?!! Someone please let us know!! 

Here’s the info I have on it: it is deciduous and grows in the Blue Ridge Mountains of VA…




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