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How does your school garden grow?
Let’s customize an artistic, garden-based, wonder inspiring workshop (in person or online) or assembly that fits the needs of your school and budget!

Get your questions answered, tackle your garden challenges, facilitate academic integration, build “green thumb” confidence, discover how to weave the garden into the fabric of your school, learn why and how nature connection is vital for health and happiness!

Wings, Worms, and Wonder Workshops are specifically designed to inspire teachers, students, and the school community to reignite and draw on their own senses of wonder to weave creative gardening and nature-study across the fabric of the school. Each workshop is developed to meet the school’s specific needs and visions for their garden or garden program.

  • For Teachers

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  • FOr Parents

Teachers, Administration, & Staff:

My workshops are custom created to meet the specific needs of the teachers and school.

Build gardening confidence, clarify how the outdoor garden meets academic goals, get maintenance staff on board, discover how the administration can support outdoor learning, and integrate the indoor and outdoor environments.

Whether you need beginning gardening lessons and management, garden revitalization, or help integrating a garden across curricula, I will help teachers and staff become comfortable and enthusiastic about school gardening through:

  • lesson modeling
  • hands-on outdoor learning technique
  • teacher team and grade level consultation
  • successful garden management

My in person and online teacher workshops are also great for teachers in training at the university level, preservice teachers, associate teachers, and school volunteers!

My workshops provide the skills necessary to:

  • plant and successfully maintain a school garden
  • create an outdoor classroom
  • integrate the outdoor and indoor learning environments
  • build enthusiasm and camaraderie between teachers, students, parents, and staff
  • reconnect children and adults to the natural world through experience
  • inspire wonder
  • manage outdoor behavior
  • provide the support and resources needed to integrate nature into the everyday routine
  • use the garden to meet academic goals and mandated initiatives
    educate for ecological literacy

Teacher Workshop Rates:

  • 90 minute Teacher/Pre-teacher/Volunteer Presentation (online or in person)- $350
  • In person 3 hour Teacher Inservice Workshop-$450
  • In person Full Day Teacher Workshop- $900
  • Alternate rates are available for multiple day and series programs and workshops. Just ask!
  • Travel and housing, if necessary, is not included in rates. Additional supply fees may apply.
  • For longer online workshops, contact me and let’s customize something!

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