Happy Wonder Wednesday 63! This time of year we seem to have lots of

Wonder Wednesday 63: Spread Seed Cheer!

Since being in VA, I’ve been hanging around with my 3 year old nephew a

Wonder Wednesday 41: Nature Writing

This Wonder Wednesday, Lucretia Jones, herbalist from House of Lukaya is taking the reigns! She

Wonder Wednesday 35: Make Honey Infusions

My nephew is in summer camp at his Montessori School and almost every day they

Wonder Wednesday 34: Nature Bracelets

      The treasures that nature offers us everyday, in big and small ways,

Wonder Wednesday #32: Nature Connection Treasure Hunt

This winter has been more than fully expressed in many places this year, so if

Wonder Wednesday #30: Tiny Sprout Gardens

With winter in full swing it’s time to use the cold to our advantage!  I

Wonder Wednesday #29: Ice Catchers

You won’t believe how easy and fun it is to make your own candles to light the

Wonder Wednesday #28: No Wax Solstice Candles

When I was younger I loooooved Kool-Aid. It wasn’t until college that I sadly discovered the evilness

Wonder Wednesday #26: Make Nature’s Kool-Aid

Wonder Wednesday #25: Nature’s Color Wheel  Happy Wonder Wednesday!  This Wonder Wednesday is extra special because I’m posting

Wonder Wednesday #25: Color Wheels of Nature

It’s Wonder Wednesday #24!!!! Hooray!! Late August brings daydreams of fall planting  and what better way

Wonder Wednesday 24: UpCycled Seed Starter Pots

Wonder Wednesday #23:Figgy Fun Easy Summer Recipe!!  Happy Wonder Wednesday!  We are in the thick

Wonder Wednesday #23: Figgy Fun Easy Summer Recipe!

Happy Wonder Wednesday! School is out and it’s time to play!! June is a great

Wonder Wednesday #22: Mud Mania!!

Happy almost summertime Wonder Wednesday!! School’s out (or nearly out) for summer which = summer

Wonder Wednesday 21: Natural Insect Repellent

Gardening and connecting with nature is often a doorway into community and place connections. Connection

Wonder Wednesday # 20 – Tree Tagging