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For much of the world winter is the time to enjoy relaxing and reflecting on garden successes and challenges, but in the warm climates, winter is when vegetable gardening really ramps up!

Southern gardeners enjoy the cooler, drier less humid temperatures and the ability to grow hearty healthy veggies, while Northern gardeners enjoy eating their fall harvests and dreaming of what to plant next spring.

Whether you are enjoying the winter season in relax mode or in full garden swing, be sure to take time to simply enjoy the fact that you are growing your own and potentially inspiring others to do the same.

You are promoting the tradition of knowledge and skills that brings joy, peace, and connection to human life! I hope you are enjoying a season of bounty and beauty!

Thank you for keeping the tradition alive!

Share in the comments how you enjoy sharing your knowledge of nature and gardening during the winter.

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Seeds to Sprout:

In the South, Winter is a great time to start a school garden. In the warm climates, prime gardening season really cooperates with the school calendar. Southern teachers, you are totally set up for school gardening success. Start with a small garden bed or big pot and grow lettuce, broccoli, and radishes. You will be amazed at how easy these 3 are to grow and how the children devour them!

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