Do you love all the awesome free tips and tricks on the Wings, Worms, and Wonder blog for creatively connecting with nature through gardening and the arts? Well, I love giving them to you!!

What about the workshops, consultations, eCourses, fun sheets, handmade garden accessories, nature journal prompts and resources, and of course the book itself? I want to bring you more of all of those too!!

Honestly, I haven’t said anything to y’all, but this past year has been pretty tough financially. Winning this grant would make a huge difference in the sustainability of  this little nature and heart centered business called Wings, Worms, and Wonder. 

Help me keep up this amazing work by voting for me to be eligible for a small business grant.

I am trying to become eligible for 1 of 20 Chase Mission Main Street Grants. I only need 250 votes to be eligible and y’all have helped me get well over halfway there in 4 days!! We’ve got this!! I know we can get to 250 in less than 4 more days!

Thank you so much for growing with me!

Just click the link to vote & then share it with you friends on Facebook and all you social media accounts! It literally only takes 3 seconds!

Click and VOTE HERE

I send you a giant Thank You for taking your time to vote and for helping keep children and nature connected, creatively!


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