If Thomas Jefferson was planting trees for us, what are we doing for 7 generations into the future? It’s a tough and important question.

Are we able to give up a few comforts today for a utopian green future for posterity? Images of a distopian future are such a prevalent theme on television and in media these days it almost seems like the only option.

I think that is absolutely depressing and exhausting. It doesn’t have to be that way! Our grandchildren’s grandchildren can have an even greener world than us if we make the changes, live smart, live gently, and live with future generations in mind.

I would love to know what you are doing for the generations 7x in the future.

Share in the comments below!

Even if you aren’t doing anything yet, what would you like to do?

(I help now by teaching children and adults how to connect with the earth by growing their own food. I want to help more by each year living with an increasingly lighter carbon footprint. Less driving, less electricity use, and more local food!)

Seeds to Sprout:

Check out what the Dalai Lama has to say on the subject of a green present and future.

What can we do today to protect the climate and Earth for 7 generations?  Find out here! Taking action is empowering!

Learn more about the Iriquios and First Nation Peoples’ Seven Generations of Sustainability philosophy. (Generally I don’t use Wikipedia as a source as it is not always credible, but this one is okay.)

Saturday Dec. 6 is the full cold moon! Get out in the cold and see it!! I’ll be looking at it from Miami as it shines on Art Basel!

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