How much of what you see each day do you really notice? It’s tough with the zillions of distractions constantly pulling at our senses. The things in our everyday sight lines can get easily overlooked, but those things are some of the most important o notice.

The song birds in our yards, the weeds in our sidewalk cracks, the seeds falling from the front yard tree, and the snails in our back gardens. They are nature’s whispers and they are those bits of nearby nature that connect us to place.

What little things can you do each day to notice more of what you see? Take a snippet of time each day to tune in to the whispers and you will always be rewarded!

Maybe you:

Allot 5 minutes to just watching out the window.

Each morning when you first wake up, before you get out of bed (or reach for the phone), take a few minutes to meditate on what nature sounds you hear. This is sensory meditation.

Spend a little transition time in your nearby outdoor environment each day after school (or work) connecting to whats happening.

Take up nature based art journaling.

Any one, or combo, of these would be a great way to train yourself in the habit of noticing what you see. None of them take up much time, unless you decide to dedicate more time, which you may once you start noticing the surprising nearby nature wonders!

Do you have any tricks for “seeing” through all the visual confusion in life?

Share in the comments!

Seeds to Sprout:

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Quote Credit – taken from the book The Adventure of the Blanched Soldier and found on the website of nature artist John Muir Laws

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