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Or must we? I think not!!

I have heard many views on mosquitos from yogis opting for never smashing them when they bite you to the kill ’em all approach of the mosquito spray planes.

Do you agree with spraying insecticides from trucks and planes? I feel there must be a better way to prevent mosquito borne illness than dousing harmful chemicals across the land, causing so many more illnesses. Let’s see the forest for the trees, even if going in those woods gets us a few bites!

Did you know:

That mosquito larvae is a food source for many waterfowl?

They have been around 4 million years, so I think we better learn to get along!

There are 2,700 species of mosquitoes

Salt marsh mosquitoes can migrate up to 40 miles for a meal

Where so you stand on the mosquito spectrum? 

Do you have any ideas or tips for healthy mosquito control?

Share them in the comments, please! Let’s start a change!

Old Ralph Waldo Emerson never tried any of this month’s Wonder Wednesday Natural Insect Repellent! Check out the lesson plan and make your own healthy mosquito repellent this summer!

Have you ever read Rachel Carson’s ground breaking book Silent Spring? Chapter 1: A fable for tomorrow really gets you thinking about the way we address insect control and the environment on a large scale. Check out the 1st 3 chapters for free here!                    (or at least read the 1st one)

Get some relief for those itchy bites! 9 DIY ways!


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