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This Seed Swap is inspired by Emma Watson’s speech at the UN this week. While it still employs the gender binary, which is problematic in my view, and had no mention of eco-feminism, racism, or classism it is a superb introductory step in the right direction for 3rd wave feminism.

Great job Emma for putting and great job to all the women, girls, queers, female identified trans, and feminist boys and men out there helping to make the world a safe and equal place for all life, human and non human!! This one is for you!

What can you do today to spread gender equality and eco-feminist thought in a compassionate way? 

Share your ideas in the comments below!!

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Seeds to Sprout:

Missed Emma’s UN Speech? Check it out here

Listen to the brilliant Vandana Shiva speak on ecofeminism in this short interview

Read more on What is ecofeminism?

Want to understand what Emma is referencing when she speaks of feminism? Read more – Feminism Now: What the 3rd Wave is Really About  (Just in case you are new to the topic, 1st wave was the sufferagette voting movement, 2nd wave is what you think of when you link of feminism women burning bras and has been appropriated to the negative image of man-haters in patriarchal culture, and now we are in 3rd wave.
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