In today’s Seed Swap post we’re going a bit of a different route. I am participating in the Blacksburg Belle Blog Tour and the topic revolves around digital products. So I ask you: In what ways can I offer you a better helping hand through digital products?

There is a funny old gardening quote that goes:

“My green thumb came only as a result of the mistakes I made while learning to see things from the plant’s point of view.” ~H. Fred Ale

I want to better see from your point of view and I’m a bit nervous to admit this. However…

The Nature Journal Prompt Cards that I created and released in August have not been the huge hit I anticipated. The few people that have purchased and downloaded them have given rave reviews, so why the crickets on the journal cards sales page? I was sure such a fun, creative, practical, affordable, and easily accessible (no shipping fees, yay!) item would be a big hit right off the bat!

nature journal prompt cards title cover small
Maybe the launch timing was off with school just starting? Maybe I didn’t get the word out enough? Maybe people don’t really like nature journaling as much as I do or think they do? Maybe many people just haven’t tried journaling in nature with children and seen first hand how the children love it? Maybe I missed another angle entirely?

I want to learn to create and sell digital products that help children and adults connect with nature more holistically…
Digital products that are fun, affordable, and use the arts to spark wonder and connection with the natural world through a gardening lens.
I want to provide you with the resources I wish I had when I was teaching and nannying full time, but didn’t have the time to research and create.
That is why I want to learn to create and sell digital products. If I’m not actually helping, than what am I doing?

green thumb 2

Like the gardening quote, I don’t have a green thumb yet when it comes to creating digital products that you can’t wait to put into action. I am still in the learning stage, and being a lifelong learner is great! I’ve always been one to jump in and learn as I go, so when these questions come up, in this case about creating digital products, I ask, otherwise I’ll never learn to turn my digital thumb green!

From newsletters to special pre-launch discount codes to Instagram contests, what happened? Why all the crickets? I don’t know, so I’ll keep asking the tough questions and keep trying. How do you think I earned my green thumb for growing tropical fruits? Not from my Virginia farmer relatives that’s for sure! I’ll keep making mistakes and learning to see from different points of view. 

instacontest graphic

I have so many ideas for digital products that I think will help you connect children with nature from matching games to Montessori 3 part cards to video courses on how to build gardens, but just because I have the idea doesn’t mean that it’s exactly what you want or need.

SO, what do you want and need when it comes to gardening with children, nature connection support materials, garden building and integration resources, and sparking an unshakeable senses of wonder for a happy healthy green future?

Share in the comments below what digital products you wish I would make.

Share constructive ideas on what would make Wings, Worms, and Wonder digital products the best for you.


Seeds to Sprout:

Give the Nature Journal Prompt Cards another look and let me know what you think.

Check out this review of the Nature Journal Prompt Cards from Go Explore Nature. Is it in line with what you think?

Have you ever heard of Creative Live? They have online classes (free ones too!) on tons of creative living topics from the top creatives. Check it out

If you share this post on social media or pin it, use #bellelive so we can all grow together!

Here is the course I’ll be taking to help me learn how to create better resources for you and the inspiration for this blog tour…

“Are you ready to make your creative work more lucrative, stable, and sustainable in the long-term? Join April Bowles-Olin for an introduction to digital products and how they can enhance your creative business. This course will show you how to produce and position viable products for generating multiple revenue streams and passive income. RSVP right here to watch it live and get access to the workbook for FREE. This post is part of the Create Digital Products blog tour.”April_Bowles-Olin_Google-_1000x566-620x350

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    1. Thank you so much Deepa!! That is so sweet of you to say – and April works her magic again! I look forward to hearing about your garden adventures and providing gardening inspiration!

  1. Hey Kelly! If you’re up for it, I’ve got an idea for you. I’d love for you to contact people who bought the journal cards and ask them this question: Did you hesitate at all before buying them? If so, can you tell me why? (Let them know that you’re trying to improve and their feedback would be greatly appreciated.)

    Also, try to talk to at least five people in your target market who haven’t bought your journal cards. Ask them if they’d take a look at your sales page and let you know: 1) Why they would or would not buy? 2) What would get them to buy NOW as opposed to waiting? 3) Is this something they’ve ever thought about needing or wanting? If not, is there anything related that they do wish they had or could find?

    Ask them to be completely honest. Let them know that you will NOT be upset–that you truly want to improve. I believe their answers will give you exactly what you need to tweak your product and sales page without feeling like you have to scrap it completely.

    I hope that helps some! Thank you so very much for participating in this blog tour.

    1. Thanks April! I’m up for it and I will do those things today! I want to be successful so much (ie pay my mortgage, qualify for insurance, and buy groceries would be a success at this point (tmi?)). Only 2 people have bought them so that won’t be hard, and one is a friend so it almost doesn’t count! Thank you again that helps for sure!

  2. I love your green thumb analogy! And your cards sound like a great product which I’m guessing you may “relaunch” after April’s class and find great sales headed your way! 🙂 I’m somebody who loves having flowers but is not a good gardener. I wear gloves because I don’t like the feel of dirt, and if I see a wo*% (i cant even type the word!) in the garden I have to quit! How embarrassing is that?!? But I love to look out and see flowers. So I’m always on the lookout for tips for non-gardeners if that even makes any sense?!? I’m probably not your target market though then I suppose! :-). I’m really excited for the class in November and to see what you come up with as a result of taking the class. I think you are on the verge of some great new products, and in turn sales! Wishing you the best of luck and “see you” in November!

    1. Thank you so much Michael! Don’t be embarrassed at all! We each have our own ways of enjoying gardening and nature and sharing it with others. Tips for non-gardeners makes tons of sense. I will get on creating a blog post about just that!!

  3. Thanks for sharing your story. Sometimes we try so hard to keep up appearances that we do a disservice to ourself and our fellow creators. I LOVE your green thumb illustration and am sure your digital products are awesome. Can’t wait for April to help us all get our digital products rocking! 🙂

    1. Sarah,

      Thank you so much. It is so true. It seems like we have to keep up the image of success and I’ve got this on my own, but really that can’t be doing any good! Yes! I can’t wait to learn more and rock it!

  4. Hi Kelly! Some random ideas that come to my mind at your request, and after a very quick glance at your site (so sorry if you have already thought about them or if they make no sense : ) Personally, as a mother, and maybe because my children are still very young, I find this kind of product inspiring but I am not very sure of being able to actually “use” it. Days pass so fast and the basics sometimes fill every hour. However, I’d buy it without as much hesitation as a gift, because I’d be giving something beautiful and the possibility of so many things. I also see it as a valuable educational tool for teachers and environmental educators, (why not imagining one journal per student or attendee to a workshop?), and an interesting product for nature / environmental / gardening organizations (as a welcome gift for associates?).

    1. Veronica, Thank you so much for your thoughts. They make perfect sense! Yes, the book, digital products, and site are targeted to working with the 6-12 age child, though some blog posts and Wonder Wednesday activities definitely focus on early childhood. I developed this idea while teaching, so there is definitely a specific target at teachers, both classroom and community based. Yes, I also see it as a great gift for teachers or parents/grandparents that want to know how to care for and what to do with children in the garden. When I teach my workshops we make journals too!! I am really excited at your observations because it seems like you cued right in on who and what I offer. What good feedback! Thank you so much!!!!

    1. Fanny,

      You are more than halfway there! I always prompt the adults to follow the child’s lead. Children have such an inherent sense of wonder that allows for so many possibilities to bloom, so as adults when we tap into that all the technical logistics that hold us back as adults fall into place!

  5. Kelly, this is delightful. You’re doing such important work. Connecting with nature is a MUST, especially for kids. And what a cute site! All the best!

        1. I hope so Ani! It sure is tough in the meantime, but I get inspired by the kids and adults in my workshops which reminds me that the work I’m doing has value, and helping others is the best!

  6. First, I have to say that you have such an adorable blog. I love the growing veggies! So cute. I love your “I don’t have a green thumb yet when it comes to creating digital products that you can’t wait to put into action.” statement. It’s such a great truth with me too. I’m excited to learn in this course.

  7. Oh I feel your pain! I created a product that got ONE buy. And it was a pity buy from a friend. Lol.

    I’m looking forward to this course, and I hope we both rock the socks off our next attempt!

    1. Trish, Thanks! I have lots of teachers on my email list and unfortunately all but 1 of the homeschool groups where I live are extremely fundamentalist christian so unless it is all about god creating nature they want nothing to do with it (or you) I have learned from experience, even when you explain you are a practitioner and they can add in the philosophy. I did though make contact with a woman from the 1 group that is secular just yesterday so I am excited about that potential!!

  8. Hurrah for at least trying to create digital products! I haven’t even started yet…..We are sure to get the nitty-gritty about how to do it better very soon, thanks to April. See you in the chat room! 🙂

  9. Hi, Kelly! I know that when I first released my patterns, I had no idea if people would want them and what they were willing to pay. I experimented for so long with the price, description, layout….everything. I think your cards look really great, and they are so many variables to why they might not be more successful (and I think timing is a very valid concern). I’m also looking forward to April’s marketing ideas. Thanks for the great post and “see” you in class!

  10. First of all, I love your blog design, it’s so cute! And I love your blog topic.

    I think your Nature Journal Prompt Cards are absolutely adorable and definitely something I would want to purchase, when I can afford to spend money perhaps. I think that sometimes we think things will be a big hit, and then when they’re not it’s not because the product is not good, it’s most likely your marketing plan and getting your product in front of the right people! Because the cards are wonderful, you have great photos and you have a great description.

    Good luck on your digital sales!

    1. Cole,

      Thank you so much! I’m glad you like it! It is a new site and I haven’t been sure what people thought. Yes, getting it out is definitely the trick and definitely the challenge!!

  11. Hi Kelly!!! Thank you for sharing your story– sometimes its encouraging to know that you’re not the only one who has had issues. I hope April’s class helps you! I hope to catch it live! I have some ideas for downloadable content (not sure if anyone else suggest it…)
    What about a garden journal? Something with your pretty illustrations?
    Growing guide for your local (or not so local!) areas?
    guides for composting?
    maybe recipes for fruits/veggies that are local to your area?

    Best of luck to you!!!!

    1. April,

      Yes, it is nice to hear that you aren’t the only one for sure. Thank you so much for your ideas! I was thinking about making a garden journal so that is awesome to hear that you think it would be a good idea too. And the growing guides, awesome! I hope you have been enjoying the class.

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