“Every city should have a law of 2 words, Pedestrians First.” Gil Penalosa

At the Children and Nature Network conference in April, I got to hear the most wonderful keynote by Gillermo Penalosa. He speaks on, and works with cities to make, the (often huge and drastic) changes necessary for making cities liveable, pedestrian friendly, healthy, happy, and not car-centric places where people can have an excellent quality of life and age in place.

If the place is a safe and healthy for 8 and 80 year olds to be in, then it is good for everyone else! Wouldn’t you like to live in that world? I would!

Seriously, based on the mind blowing differences he has accomplished in cities like his home Bogota, and others in Asia and Europe, he needs to be in charge of re designing pretty much every city I know of! So, as we head into summer and are spending more time outdoors in our cities, here’s some food for thought.

“The Philosophy

8-80 Cities is based on a simple philosophy:

If you create a city that’s good for an 8 year old and good for an 80 year old, you will create a successful city for everyone. This is an 8-80 City.

What are the elements of an 8-80 City?

  • 8-80 Cities are communities built for people. They reflect social equality in the public realm and promotesustainable happiness.
  • They nurture our need to be physically active by providing safe, accessible and enjoyable places for everyone walk, bike and be active as part of our daily routine.
  • They recognize that people are social creatures and prioritize human interaction by fostering vibrant streets and great public places where people can rest, relax and play.
  • 8-80 Cities encourage sustainable and healthy lifestyles for everyone regardless of age, gender, ability, ethnicity or economic background.”


How is your cities measuring up? Share in the comments below!

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Seeds to Sprout:

Like these ideas? They are quoted from the 8-80 Cities website. Check it out here!

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