Access to Nature is a Birthright

Why, on a planet on which all humans evolved as a single species (Homo sapiens), are some humans denied safe access to their natural cellular relatives?


Why, is someone who happens to have more melanin in their skin questioned suspiciously when enjoying an afternoon birdwatching in a park?


Why, is a duo of humans physically abused by another human while hiking simply because of their very natural pair bond?

Why, is a person afraid to embark on an overnight canoe trip alone because of the anatomical body parts they posses?

Why, should someone with a, larger or smaller, older or younger, body be sneered at while enjoying a beach?

Because of taught fear of difference, suspicions of "other", religious dogma, biased cultural conditioning for dominance, the belief that a personal subjective "truth" is an objective universal "truth"? Well that all seems ridiculous. 

Nature Gatekeeping

All the above problematic questions, and sadly based in real life examples, are irrelevant and unacceptable reasons for why everyone should not feel safe in nature. 

No single biological sex, identified gender,  poly-amorous and/or pair bonded mating, physical size, culturally constructed nationality, or skin melanin level has ownership over nature. 

Nature is part of us all.

Cellularly and sociologically, and therefore is a birthright of all regardless of privilege, power, and wealth. 

The birthright of access to nature for all Homo sapiens, sadly, has been forgotten by many of the species.

And so, that is why through education, open hearts and minds, and unwavering commitment, we rise above the culturally conditioned biases that uphold systemically racist, ablest, and patriarchal paradigms of power that make nature unsafe for many.

Now, we all work together to decolonize nature, culture, and make the glorious lands and waters of planet Earth - that every single Homo sapien evolved from - safe and accessible for all!

The Oath: Planet, Inclusion, Adventure

February 2022 I participated in the first "Outdoorist Oath" workshop. It was very informative and inspiring!

In their own words...

"The Outdoorist Oath (The Oath for short) is an organization directed by Gabaccia Moreno and founded by Teresa Baker, José González, Pattie Gonia and designed for you, the outdoorist, to be a part of this community/movement. The Oath's ongoing purpose is to educate and unite outdoor communities with a shared commitment to take action for: Planet, Inclusion, Adventure."

"The Oath was formed as a way to provide an educational foundation, as well as a framework for individuals to be able to investigate questions like; how can I be a better steward of the landscapes I recreate in? 

How can I play a part in making the outdoors feel more inclusive to all individuals?

In what ways does my everyday life support the protection of wild places for years to come?"


"We believe that by giving people the tools and questions to be able to question their impact in the world, we can create a new wave of outdoorists that are committed to creating a healthier and better outdoors."

"Our collective why:

We are founding The Oath because we believe individual outdoorists (you) hold the power, privilege and opportunity to collectively shape the future of the outdoors.


To foster a whole-istic community of outdoorists collectively shaping the future of the outdoors.


To continue to work alongside those who have been forging ahead in this work for years, with the hope for a regenerative generation of outdoorists." 

"How to get involved:

Commit to "The Oath by attending an always-free workshop that will guide you to unlearn, learn and be in community with other aligned outdoorists.

 The 2-hour workshop will provide both a trail map and a personalized compass for you to take action for people and planet."

The next Outdoorist Oath workshop is November 7, 2022.

Will you join me in committing to decolonizing access to nature and furthering anti-bias anti-racist culture by taking the Outdoorist Oath?


Let's help make the beautiful nature of planet Earth safe and accessible for all!

We all deserve to feel safe and happy  in nature. I would love to feel safe going into nature alone. Wouldn't you?

The access is the birthright of all Homo sapiens on Earth!

I know it's only September, but click the link below, secure your spot in the November Outdoorist Oath workshop and get it on your calendar! 

Fall's natural and social bounties fill up our modern calendars quickly!

Then, check out the awesome links (6 instead of 3 this week!) to learn more, get inspired, and support organizations helping with accessibility and celebrate that

Nature is for All!

Will you take The Oath? 

Share your reason in the comments below! 

Share photos of your inclusive outdoor adventures on Instagram #wingswormsandwonder &  #howioath

Seeds to Sprout:

* The mural of the little girl watering the flower fists was taken in BK, NYC, circa 2017-18. I can't remember where and I don't know who the artist is but what a great piece of public art! *

The Oath

Click the link below to learn more &

 register for the November 7, 2022 online workshop!


In Gainesville FL is an awesome grassroots organization that provides meaningful nature embedded work for neuro-diverse and differently abled adults. Click below to learn more and support their work (Their plant sales are superb!) 

Outdoor Afro

Celebrate, inspire, and support Black Joy and Black connections and leadership in nature

Unlikely Hikers

Nature is infinitely diverse and so are we—We ARE nature

Body liberation & anti-racism outdoors. Events, podcast & more!

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Wonder Wednesday 115: Black Birding

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Nature as a Tool for Teaching Writing

Nature as a Tool for Teaching Writing: Nature Connection, Nature Journaling, & Writing Resources is my newest FREE Webinar with Trillium Montessori! 

Use these ideas and resources to help connect elementary age children to their natural world!

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