Today’s Guest Post is by Angela Thomas.

She made this really killer graphic that gives you all the info you need for recognizing and wrangling with those pesky summer garden bugs!!

I wish you the best of luck on your adventures with summer bugs! Stay vigilant and you will get your harvests!!


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What bugs are the main offenders in your garden?

How do you deal with them organically?

Share in the comments below.

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  1. Our main offender in the garden are slugs. So far nothing seems to really help, and that leaves us with the unpleasant task of checking the garden each evening and killing them by hand (well, not by hand, we use sharp scissors…). I hate this, but it’s the only thing that helps without having to use poison (which isn’t an option at all). Without doing this there is little chance for salad, kohlrabi, cabbage of all sorts, zucchini, they even eat peas and peppers.
    We had problems with mice and voles, but now we have a cat and she’s a great hunter. We still have some mice and voles, but we don’t mind if they get a carrot or two as long as they leave the main part to us!
    Last year our kale disappeared within days. Some sort of caterpillar ate it in record time.

    1. Slugs are so tough! We had a big problem with snails, but managed to get it under control the same way – collecting them by hand…soooo many of them!!! When I feel bad about killing the bugs in my garden I feed them to my neighbor’s chickens. The bugs still get killed, but I don’t have to do it and the chickens are very happy!

      1. Haha, that reminds me of a funny story from one of our trips. When we arrived at our rented appartement on a farm there was a huge spider sitting in the kitchen sink (we don’t have really big ones, it was about 2 inch, which is scary enough). I don’t mind spiders when they are outdoors, but I don’t want them around while I am sleeping… asked my husband to carry her outside, but these spiders are clever and usually return within an hour. I still don’t want to kill them…. He caught her and walked out of the door. He came back with a big grin and told me the chicken took care of the spider!
        We have so many slugs, we would need an army of chicken… But I am really glad that the cat takes care of the mice and voles. Such cute little animals, but they can do a lot of damage to vegetables. I hate to kill them. But the cat is happy and enjoys the snack (and playing with them)!

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