This quote is my wish for my birthday – because today is my birthday and I get to make a wish!

I want my year to be filled with art making, nature exploring, and to reach a level of financial stability and sustainability with Wings, Worms, and Wonder. But even more, I want the world to open to the connection nature gives us, to our inner creativity, and to the creativity of nature fueling us.


As I close my eyes and blow out the candles on my vegan chocolate with raspberry icing cupcakes, this is the utopia I wish for:

  • Fears of the unknown and uncomfortable are put aside and a peace filled future is embraced for all beings (plant animal and mineral)
  • All truth and facts return to their actual definitions of simple truth and fact
  • Science prevails across the board
  • Quality universal health care for all
  • All people feel safe
  • The fussing about skin, language, religion, sex, gender, or who someone is sleeping with stops
  • The Earth will be restored to health
  • All children have safe healthy childhoods, access to education, and a promising future
  • Most of all, when humans make decisions, big or small, we frame them around considering the wider impact of the decision or action on the Earth. And think what we can do to make the world the best place it can be for every being everyday.

I know utopias are a tall order, but isn’t a utopic vision better than a dystopic one?

Why not envision understanding, appreciation, order, harmony, beauty, and nature and act, vote, and behave in ways that get us closer?


For my birthday I offer you this gift!

Download this week’s inspiring graphic in high rez! Click, download, print it out, use it as a desktop or screensaver, make a card – take it into whatever form you like!

Order, Harmony, Beauty Printable PDF


What’s your utopic birthday wish?

Share in the comments below!

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