Quick side track from the big news—-Does anyone know what this tree is called? How amazingly beautiful are these little fruits it produces?!!! I discovered it in NYC this past weekend and am dying to know its name!


There has been LOTS going on over here at Wings, Worms, and Wonder lately and the most obvious you’re looking at today! Remember last July when I asked for your input on what you would like to see in a new Wings, Worms, and Wonder website? Well….voila! Here it is!! Updated and revamped to make connecting children and nature at home, school, and in the community easier and more inspiring than ever!

website 1 shot

Goodbye old site!! You served us well!

After 2 years in the fast paced online world, the old site was showing it’s age and that is why the switch. Not to mention as Wings, Worms, and Wonder has evolved the site, being the online home and meeting ground, needed to evolve too. Thank you to everyone who gave such nice compliments on the old site. I hope you like the new one even more!

The new site isn’t quite perfect quite yet, but if you wait for perfect you’ll never get anything done right?! Check it out, explore around, join the fun, sign up for the newsletter if you haven’t already, look at the new offerings I have, and I hope you like it as much as I do!

new site screenshot

Snazzy right?!

Seeds to Sprout:

I have a guest post on the Community Playthings blog! It’s a great article on the foundation for incorporating art and nature across curricula. You will learn about Howard Gardner’s Naturalist Intelligence (the 8th of the multiple intelligences), research on childhood nature experience and how it develops adult environmental ethic, and even some fun nature based color theory. Check it out!

Visiting NYC anytime soon? Well check out the Socrates Sculpture Park in LIC, NYC. It’s right on the water and is a beautiful nature environment filled with ever changing, often interactive, sculpture exhibits. It is even host to a variety of activities like yoga and tai chi classes and a little farmers market!

socratese sculpture kids

Socrates Sculpture Park in NYC is a hands-on fun place to enjoy some urban nature and art!


What a view!

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