In this 4 video series, I demystify shopping for tools and supplies at the art supply store and share some of my favorite brands* with you – and why they have won that position.

In video 1 of the Nature Journal Tools series, we explore: does price really matter, why shop at indie art supply stores instead of big chain craft stores, and take a closer look at the variety of paper available in sketch book, pad, and block forms, what paper weights mean and their uses, and the difference between hot and cold press paper.

In video 2 of this series, we explore: watercolor paint. What is the difference between pan and tube paint, which is better for various tasks and locations, and why?

In video 3 of this series, we explore brushes: why are they so expensive, what’s the difference between animal and synthetic bristles, why all styles and sizes and what are they for, how to choose and invest in a few good brushes that will last you a long time.

In video 4 of this series, we explore pens and pencils: from drawing pencils, colored pencils, and watercolor pencils to drawing pens and pens fun for embellishing, we look at them all!

Do you know the difference between a 2H and a 2B pencils and why there are different hardnesses? Which colored pencils blend the best? Why is it better to use a Pigma Micron pen rather than any old pen with a drawing you may add watercolor paint to? Find out in this video!

This is a 5th bonus video, where I demystify shopping for tools and supplies at the art supply store and share some of my favorite brands with you, and why they have won that position. In this Brush Care bonus video, we explore brush care while painting, after painting, and in storage.

Be honest, to you treat you brushes with loving care? Do you care for them as the investments that they are, so they will last you a long time?

Well it’s never too late to start! Watch this video and take great care of your brushes so they will take care of you while you creatively connect with nature!!

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*I am in no way have an alliance to, am sponsored or compensated by any of the brands I mention. They are mentioned solely because I have found them to be of good quality over the years.

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