I hope everyone is having a relaxing holiday today and gets a little time to get outside and enjoy nature’s bounty. I am out in the woods of central Florida camping with friends and family and celebrating what we call the autumnal-all-together-now. An all vegan holiday we reinvented that focuses on the celebration of, respect for, and giving thanks for all life and a commitment to social and environmental responsibility, animal rights, and human rights.

So in celebration of connecting to our natural world, there are some sales running in the Etsy shop for the next little bit.

Starting today through Tuesday (12/3/2013), there is the cyber nature sale. Enter the coupon code cybernature2013 and receive 10% book purchases!

I am part of the Team EcoEtsy sale as well and if you are buying from that treasury you can enter the code GreenFriday and also receive 10% off book sales today through 12/2/2013.

And finally, if you are buying a book and a Greenhouse Necklace Kit, enter the code stockingstuffer2013 and receive 10% off the combo through January 1. (Or as long as the kits last, there are just a few left.)

It is all just a thank you from me to you for your commitment to keeping our children connected to nature. Now, let’s get out there, model our love of nature for the children, and enjoy it with friends and family!  Happy Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, autumnal-all-together-now, and holiday season kick off!1468668_10151865157286245_57503194_n

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