Did you miss the live webcast? Never fear! here’s the replay!

Get lots of super fun ideas on making your holiday shopping season fun, stress free, nature centric, and good for both people and planet!

Give the gifts that build creative nature connections and memories that last a lifetime. The gift of your time and creativity will be cherished all year long!


**And I didn’t say this in the webcast but thought it was important to mention**

Some may say, but she doesn’t have children, she doesn’t know how it feels to  see the look of dismay as you give a wooden toy or book over the video game. Oh I know, believe me, I have 13 nieces and nephews and have never once given them anything plastic nor electronic.

But the key is this – it’s not the actual item you give, it’s how you present it to them. How you engage them with it right away. (Or at least once the wrapping paper tornado frenzy has died down).

If you give them a handmade wooden camera toy from Denmark, engage them with pretend photo taking play right away.

If you give them a coupon book, or a class, or adventure to be redeemed later in the year, show them a video of the location, do a little activity together based on the topic of the class, or create a coupon that could be cashed in the day they receive it and invite them to do said activity with YOU.

Your immediate (and sustained) engagement is the key to making it all work and be awesome. It’s all about time spent together in action, in story, in play. Connection is the key.

What green gifts will you give this year?

Seeds to Sprout:

Get some of the ideas I spoke about in the presentation in this blog post Green Gifts that Won’t Get Re-gifted

ANd check out this somewhat shameless holiday sales promotion post Give Nature for the Holidays BUT it includes the replay of the live hour I did last year Give Nature Holidays with lots more fun ideas AND the pdf printable coloring checklist to download mentioned in the replay above!

Speaking of self promotion, Remember your teacher gifts! How about a copy of a book by me? Wings, Worms, and Wonder is perfect for teachers whether they are new to gardening or seasoned. The 12 Month Art & Nature Journal is super fun to help guide teachers and students on a creative nature connection nature journaling journey. Pressed is perfect for the teacher of your after school garden or nature club! Check them all out here! & Shipping is surprisingly affordable worldwide.

Shop small this year. It makes a giant difference in real people’s lives and for the Earth!

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