Now that we are well into November, mustaches are everywhere you turn. I know they are for raising awareness for mens health and various other causes, but seriously if you are under 65, or not a cowboy, Super Mario, or Magnum PI,  a mustache just makes you look creepy. It seems most of the people with “Movember Mustaches” just want to grow a mustache and could care less about aligning with a cause. So I am co-opting those people’s mustaches and designating them for manatees. If the stash is there anyway, why not say it’s for the manatees because November is Manatee Awareness Month!


If nail polish can take on the mustache, why not the manatee?

Manatees are such a wonderful species that need our help, but why November? The Save the manatee Club says, “November is the time of year when manatees start returning to warm-water winter refuges in Florida. Since they are a subtropical species, manatees cannot tolerate prolonged exposure to water temperatures below 68 degrees Fahrenheit. The Club reminds boaters that many seasonal manatee zones in Florida are in effect by early November and to pay close attention to posted signage indicating slow or idle speeds. Manatees are often injured or killed by boat strikes and other human activities, which can drive them from these critically-important sanctuaries and refuges… florida-manatee-765x375 Manatee Awareness Month is both a reminder and a call to action for Florida residents and the millions of visitors to work together to keep manatees in our lives and in the lives of future generations.”

Check out this short video for kids by kids on Marvelous Manatees from My FWC.  Save the Manatee Club and Florida Fish and Wildlife offer lots of resources for teachers and individuals to learn more about and engage with manatee. And you don’t have to live near a manatee habitat to get involved and support the celebrated sea cow. Children and adults around the world love manatees and many tourists come to Florida just to experience Florida’s state marine mammal!  What better time than today to celebrate the one of the most gentle aquatic animals on the planet! manatee

Absolutely gorgeous!

I love to see manatee in the springs in the winter and the special rare visit while in the ocean during the summer is always a treat. When I lived further south, we had a manatee gathering spot at the canal at the end of our street and everyday after work I would walk down to watch them float around, eat vegetation, and even play with ropes and buoys from people’s docks. Pretty amazing way to unwind from the day I’d say!


Have you ever had a magical manatee experience? Share it in the comments below!

If you go visit a manatee, or have in the past, share your manatee pics on Instagram #wingswormsandwonder I want to see them!!

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Check out this post I wrote on making time for manatee at the very beginning of Wings, Worms, and Wonder.

Get lots of resources and facts about Manatees and even adopt a manatee for you class or as a gift for the holidays from the Save the Manatee Club!

Check out this National Geographic Manatee page chock full of manatee facts.

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What? Okay, I admit, this one is pretty funny. 

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