“The idea of
living in Nature is the most recent acquisition in education. Indeed the child needs to live naturally and not only to know Nature. The most important fact really is the liberation of the child…from the bonds which isolate him in artificial life…confused the pleasure of looking on animals…or that of admiring the song and beauty of birds imprisoned in little cages”

Maria Montessori, 19481462895_10151915707749678_1441824134_n

What migrating winged visitors have you seen in your area?

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Photo Credit: Jim Sparrell, Snowy Owl, Rye, NH December 1st

Quote Credit: From The Discovery of the Child, chapter 5: Nature in Education.  Learn more about Maria Montessori, the method and philosophy from the American Montessori Society

Learn more about the Snowy Owl from Cornell University’s Lab of Ornithology’s All About Birds. Listen to their songs and calls, and lots more fun info!

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stormy bird sky

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