This Thursday (11/10/16) I’m excited to announce I will be hosting a free live hour! It’s been a while since we’ve joined together live to share our journals, so I though why not come together in creative community on a week that is a bit chaotic. (If you know what I mean as I write this Monday unknowing what Tuesday will bring.)

Let’s focus this week on the positive energy that creativity & nature bring to our lives.

11 am- 12 noon on Thursday, let’s: meet up, share our nature journals, chat ideas for how to give nature for the holidays, I’ll have a fun nature gift giving pdf for you, and there will be 3 giveaways!!


That’s right!! During the hour, I’ll be giving away:

1. a sticker packet

2. a copy of the new 12 Month Art & Nature Journal

3. a spot in the new Veggie Studies Workshop online course!! 


Everyone gets the Give Nature for the Holidays coloring checklist!

Relax in Creative Community at the Wings, Worms, and Wonder Live hour this Thursday! Click to get the details and be there for the 4 giveaways!!

Here’s a sneak peek of the top of the checklist!!


I am really excited to get together and shower y’all in surprises! And to foster a space of relaxation inspired by art and nature, because with this week’s event plus the holiday rush upon us, I really think times of creative community are so important.

I also think giving nature for the holiday’s is a great idea and I’m looking forward to sharing nature ideas with you live and also the pdf check list I made for you to download! (It will be right here for you to download, but not until Thursday post live hour.)

Okay! Mark your calendars, and let’s have some fun!!


Here’s the details:

Live hour: Thursday, November 10. 11 am-12 noon est.

Join here Thursday at 11 am:

If you are new to the Zoom platform, I recommend setting it up a day or 2 before to help prevent any tech gremlins.

Spots are limited, so log in on time or a smidge early to secure your space!

Not sure about time zone conversion? Use this time zone converter.


Do you have a favorite nature inspired gift to give for winter holidays? Share in the comments below!

Seeds to Sprout:

Check out the giveaways!

Sticker Packets

12 Month Art & Nature Journal: Mindfully Color, Sketch, & Relax Your Way Into Nature

Veggie Studies Workshop



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  1. Kelly, you are so wonderful to give us a gift this awesome to look forward to this week! It’s been a strange year…lol.
    Wow, have you brought back some memories! My favorite one of the holidays has always been my dad climbing up in the trees and cutting down mistletoe that my Nana, sister, and I would wrap in ribbon (Nana worked for McCory’s back then) and we would pick a different area in town each weekend and walk door to door passing them out. Before I moved to Georgia, I had a wonderful little herb garden that I would make herbal sachets and tea blends from for gifts (I really need to start another garden).
    Looking forward to Thursday and seeing all of your ideas 🙂

    1. I am so happy to do it because y’all are so wonderful Kryste! And we all deserve little treats! yes I’ll say it has been a very strange year for sure! That story is so awesome. How sweet of y’all to pass out the fresh mistletoe. I bet y’all loved doing that and see the impression it made!! So wonder-ful!!

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