You know that on my travels and adventures, I love to find little bits of nature in the city. I’m always seeking and posting pics of tiny bits of nature breaking out in the most urban of environments when I’m on the road. I think it helps ground me when I am in different environments. No matter how different, nature is always there.


I love that no matter how hard humans try to keep nature at bay, it it unstoppable. Wildflowers in the sidewalk cracks, weeds in the manicured lawn, moss growing on walls, and ferns in the gutters. Mother nature is coming for us, so we might as well give in to her wonders!


Small urban nature is so often overlooked and overshadowed for the glamour of big parks and botanical gardens, but I think it is even more valuable in our daily lives because as we go from here to there, errand to work, these little bits of nature are what register in our minds. They are familiar members of our communities whether we recognize them consciously or not.


Purslane is even an edible herb growing right here in a sidewalk crack!!

This week I am in Miami for Art Basel and loving how in tropical areas the nature is unstoppable!! With no winter to knock it back, nature takes over everything so quickly! I love it!


This strangler fig is strangling this telephone pole!

Todays post is all about celebrating the unsung nature heros. The weeds in the cracks and the bugs on the walls. These bits of wildness may not be glamourous, but they are here for us everyday. Whispering hello, remember me, mother nature? I’m here for you. Slow down a minute and let’s spend some time together.


Where do you find nature’s whispers in your everyday?

Share your urban nature experiences in the comments below!

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This person planted flowers in cinder blocks next to the sidewalk. Clever!

Seeds to Sprout:

Idea: Use vigilante nature as a game for getting outside in all seasons and on holiday travels! Take the kids and go on a walk. Count and tally how many examples of nature breaking through that each person finds. What conversations come from this place based nature seek and find?

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Remember to look up. The moon is wild nature waiting for you every night in the sky!

This full moon over Miami Beach was fantastic!


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