Did you know last week was National Wildflower Week? If not, never fear, you can connect with wildflowers every day!

They are a great reminder of the tenacity and resiliency of nature and those same qualities in ourselves. Take a little time this week to discover some wildflowers in your area and make a little sketch or writing in your nature journal!

This month I’m filling my thumbnail sketches with the quirky days of May prompts from last week’s post, but on the days in between when I don’t have a quirky day prompt, I’m filling those squares with wildflowers I discover this month!

Do the same too if you like – or fill every square with a different wildflower you discover in person or in a book!

And remember to ask yourself when you see certain “volunteer” plants in your yard, sidewalk, or local park – is it a weed, or is it actually a wildflower? Your answers may surprise you!


Do you have a favorite wildflower? Share it in the comments below!

(I really like dandelion and also clover flowers, but it’s really hard to choose just one or even 10!)

Share pics of your wildflower discoveries and journal entries on Instagram #wingswormsandwonder !


Seeds to Sprout:




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