Day 3 of the Draw Deeper Into Nature Interview series. Isn’t this great so far? So inspiring!!!

Today we meet tropical plant lover

Jenny Kiker of Living Pattern!

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Okay! Back to the interviews!!

Let’s get to know Jenny!

1. You have such a wonderful way of expressing of the feel of tropical plants. How did you come to know these hot weather plants so well?

I grow most of my inspiration now but when I was a kid, my grandmother always took me had me helping in the garden. I was drawing since I was 6 and drew plants for practice but did[n’t] really start to combine my two passions until I was in my 30s.

Me too! I learned the gardening from my grand parents in Virginia, always made art, but didn’t relate the 2 until I was in my 30s too! And we are both alumni of the same art school and transplants to Florida as well!


Get inspired with Living Pattern in the WIngs, Worms, and Wonder Special Artist Interview Series. Click though to read the interview!


2. What’s your process for creating one of your images – giant or small – from sketch to finished piece?


I always draw on tracing paper. I like the way the pencil moves on it and it makes it easier to refine my lines. Then I make tiny marks on my watercolor paper and begin to paint. I always mix my own colors too. The most important part of painting is finding the right color.


So true. Finding the right color and discovering your palette is so important to developing your style and inspiring you to get into the flow of painting. 


Get inspired with Living Pattern in the WIngs, Worms, and Wonder Special Artist Interview Series. Click though to read the interview!


3. What tips do you have for nature journal novices on working monochromatically on foliage and keeping such fantastic depth and detail?


Practice 🙂 lots and lots of practice.


I hear that! Nothing replaces time spent with pencil or brush observing, experimenting, learning and practicing!! And of course celebrating all the successes and surprises that happen when you are making art regularly. It’s easy in our instant gratification modern life to forget the importance of practice time. 




4. What type of watercolor do you like best and do you do any sort of masking or outlining to get those awesome crisp edges?


No masking fluid. I keep the brush parallel to the direction I’m going and try to stay calm and meditative.


Your crisp edges are such a gorgeous compliment to the looseness of the interior of the leaves. That contrast is where the magic happens. 


Get inspired with Living Pattern in the WIngs, Worms, and Wonder Special Artist Interview Series. Click though to read the interview!


5. What’s your favorite smell in nature and is there a story why?


My favorite smell on nature is creek. Something about the algae in the water and moist air makes me feel like home in North Carolina.


Isn’t it so comforting how a smell can make us feel like we are at home. SO powerful!


Get inspired with Living Pattern in the WIngs, Worms, and Wonder Special Artist Interview Series. Click though to read the interview!Jenny’s BIO

Jenny’s creative process starts with a combination of drawing from observation and imagination. She lets the subject inform where the line wants to go and how it wants to feel. Color is the emotion in her work. The ink is free to deepen and soften, just as color would in nature.

Jenny has grown Living Pattern as a way to connect herself and her audience to the still delicateness of nature and to themselves. It is a learning process that changes day by day. “If you’d like to refer to me as @livingpattern, you absolutely can! It has grown to be my pen name.”


Jenny likes tracing paper, what material do you like to do your sketching on? Share in the comments below!

Share pics of your nature sketches on Instagram #wingswormsandwonder so we can see!


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  1. Wow – these images are beautiful. Just wonderful. I am not experienced enough to compare – so far, sticking to sketch book paper but tracing paper sounds intriguing. Thank You for sharing.

  2. Variegated Elephant Ears, I love them! Jenny, your painting brings back memories of the leaves swaying gently in the breeze. I do so miss my garden 🙂 Kelly, I tend to use whatever is at hand to sketch on, haven’t found a favorite yet.

    1. I love them too Kryste!! Elephant ears are like tropical paradise leaves and when they’re swaying in the breeze it’s so relaxing. I like to sketch on all kinds of thinsg too. It’s hard to choose a favorite for sure.

  3. I spent three months in Florida soaking up all sorts of tropical inspiration. Such a vast difference in the Alaskan landscape and that of Florida!

  4. wow these are absolutly beautiful. I really have to give the tracing paper a try, so deicate! :} and like you say, I have to practice, practice, practice, thank you so much :}

    1. I agree!! I talk about that a lot in my classes, bringing yourself into the painting. If we want photorealism we can take a picture! Imagination and the artists voice is much more interesting!

  5. I love drawing tropical plants, too! In part, because I’m always on vacation when I get to see tropical plants, and that’s when I have the most time to sit and draw. I’m trying to become enamored with the shapes of bare trees (or pine trees) because that’s what I see out my window for 6 months each year!

  6. Wow! I love the tropical leaves, so gorgeous. I haven’t done much sketching lately, I am just trying to get back to art after being just a mom for so many years. I will definitely try tracing paper soon.

  7. Beautiful leaves! You have such a gift! I have only used tracing paper to trace things I wanted to draw but never thought to use it for sketching. Will definitely give it a try. I usually use sketching paper or any other paper I find handy when I need to draw!

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