I am really getting excited now because the guide is near completion! Both the insides and the cover hit the press about a week ago. It has been my vision from the start that the actual book be a source of visual inspiration for its readers and that is why I put so much consideration into the hand painted illustrations, the color scheme, the page layouts, the size and weight, the sustainable and socially responsible printing, and the overall clean and modern presentation. I feel that it is my job to inspire you–the adult reader by not only providing you with the tools, confidence, and inspiration to get out in nature with children, but to see the guide as a source of beauty that sparks your own senses of wonder toward the natural world. I am really looking forward to the day that we hold it in our hands and crack the spine, but equally I hope that in a year or two it is dirty and dog-eared and has become a children’s gardening go to for its readers.

To those of you that have been so enthusiastic about getting your copy hot off the press I thank you! And to those of you that are just discovering Wings, Worms, and Wonder I hope that you find it to be a great resource for information as well as inspiration! Keep checking back here and share the site with your friends and colleagues because I will be posting monthly lessons and downloadable sheets for you. Check out Wings, Worms, and Wonder on facebook too!

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