“Dawn summons us to a world alive…

when the deepest arcade of life and matter beckon.”

Diane Ackerman, 2009 

leslie jurs

Are you inspired by the dawn and morning or are you more of a night owl?

Seeds to Sprout:

Photo credit: Leslie Jurs

Quote Credit: Diane Ackerman is an author, poet, essayist, and naturalist.”Humans might luxuriate in the idea of being “in” nature, but Ms. Ackerman has taught generations that we are nature—for “no facet of nature is as unlikely as we, the tiny bipeds with the giant dreams.” The quote above is from the Orion essay “World at Dawn: The Pleasure of Life Rekindled”.   Learn more about Diane and her writing

Want to inspire nature connection through reading by the fire this winter? Well check out these recommendations of children’s books from the Children and Nature Network

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